Before Arraignment and After = The charges against Mercedes Carrera have changed

Someone mentioned something to me that got me thinking. They said that when a person is first arrested they charge them with a few things, then after the arraignment, a few more charges are usually added or removed. I referred back to the original police statement which said “the DA’s office formally charged each suspect with eight counts of PC 288.7 Sexual Acts with a child under 10 years old and, one count of HS 11370.1 P

This matches the document that was floating around twitter the other day.

Now that she has been arraigned, those charges have changed. She now has 2 counts of possession of a controlled substance while armed while previously she had only 1 and now she is charged with 5 counts of sexual acts with a child instead of the 8 previous charges.

  1. PC288.7(B) – ORAL COP:VICT UNDER 10YRS 
  2. PC288.7(B) – ORAL COP:VICT UNDER 10YRS 
  3. PC288A(C)(1) – ORAL COP:PERSON -14YR/ETC
  5. PC288.7(A) – SDMY: VICTIM UNDER 10YRS 

I have no clue what this means, just reporting what I have found.



363750cookie-checkBefore Arraignment and After = The charges against Mercedes Carrera have changed

Before Arraignment and After = The charges against Mercedes Carrera have changed

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8 Responses

  1. That’s not how I read it at all. I think there is maybe another victim. Notice now there is a charge that relates to someone under 14. Before that wasn’t there. It was all about someone under 10. PC288A(C)(1) – ORAL COP:PERSON -14YR/ETC

  2. Unfortunately there are probably tens of victims that won’t get justice out of this. Child molesters usually have many multiple victims before they are caught. I hope if these people are actually guilty they get raped many multiple times a week for the rest of their lives in prison.

  3. Even if they don’t nail her for the sex shit they got her good on the drug and gun charge. She going to jail.

  4. @justice You read it wrong. It is just how the law is written. It’s related to how the Cali law deals with statutory rape offenses. Under 288a charges depend on ages of victim and the defendant. The under 14 and at least 10 years younger charge eliminates any Romeo and Juliet (consensual) defense and is automatic federal time. Since a jury is less likely to convict someone facing a “one strike” charge, this is a back up. The max penalty for consensual oral sex with a minor (8 yrs) is actually greater then consensual sexual intercourse with a minor (4yrs). Really Cali? Really?
    @Cliff Clavin If they don’t have prior convictions, then (at most) she will get time served plus probation. Those charges are there for leverage. If it was just the guns and jib they wouldn’t have spent a night in jail without prior history. First and even most second time offenders get probation for this if convicted.

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