Be careful while in Vegas indecent exposure is serious business

There have already been reports of certain porn stars behaving inappropriately while in Las Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo.

Adriana Chechik urinating in public and Kissa Sins drinking it

What you don’t realize is, if you are caught and charged with indecent exposure, you risk a $2,000 fine, jail time and even worse, the court orders indecent exposure defendants to register as a sex offender.

Don’t risk such a serious offense, just for a few extra likes on your SnapChat.

326110cookie-checkBe careful while in Vegas indecent exposure is serious business

Be careful while in Vegas indecent exposure is serious business

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7 Responses

  1. It should be mentioned that AVN was alerted to and advised that Gregg Dodson and Trinity St Clair are constantly roaming about the AVN convention floor recruiting girls for prostitution/Pandering and selling pills and coke.

    A Note worthy mentioning should include but not limited to the duo pair also hovers about the entire AVN event soliciting prospective “johns”.

    Last year they narrowly escaped undercover Las Vegas Metro vise officers.

  2. Last Year at Exxxotica one male performer “JS” and a female performer “EA” were permanently banned form all future Exxxotica events for having sex on the convention floor ?

    Surprised none of the Mike South reporters posted this at all.

  3. Adriana seems to do a lot in public. I saw her pissing on an escalator the other day and a few months ago she was having sex in florida on the side of the highway where all kinds of cars were driving by. Now she’s pissing on the vegas strip. Something not right about this girl.

  4. It’s only a matter of time before she gets caught and when she does it will be an end to her feature dancing career. Can’t work in a lot of clubs if you are a registered sex offender.

  5. Adriana would be right at home in San Francisco, then. Everyone seems to piss on the streets and the BART (Simpson) train station escalators (and elevators) there. As for public fucking, I guess she can fuck a homeless dude in the Tenderloin.

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