August Ames’ Husband Files $5 Million Lawsuit

Pornstar August Ames’ Husband Files $5 Million Claim & Accuses Officials of Releasing ‘Salacious’ Death Details

The husband of the late adult-film star August Ames and her estate are taking legal action against the officials who handled her death investigation, accusing the medical examiner of releasing “salacious” and “personal” information regarding her death.

Kevin MOORE and the Estate of AUGUST AMES filed the $5 million claim with the Ventura County Board of Supervisors claiming the employees of the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s office “released confidential and private information regarding the death of [Ames] to media outlets.”  They argue that the information released was “salacious personal information” including the method and location of her death, as well as the existence and contents of her suicide note.

The legal action comes roughly one month after the popular pornstar tragically took her life following torment from fans and fellow performers, like Jessica Drake, after her refusal to work with a male actor who’d done gay porn.

Ames had argued that the medical and STD testing was not the same as for straight porn, and did not feel comfortable doing the scene.

Kevin Moore claims the release of the information has caused him emotional distress and mental anguish that have resulted in medical visits and bills.

The claim filed with the county is the first step taken before filing an actual lawsuit against a government organization. If MOORE and the estate aren’t able to come to terms over his claim with the county — which is unlikely at $5 Million — they’ll more than likely sue.

This week, MOORE shared a heart-breaking letter where he detailed Ames’ “magnetic” kindness and “colossal soul,” as well as the pain he continues to endure without her in his life.

He also addressed the speculation that bullying led to Ames’ decision to end her life. “I write this to make it crystal clear: Bullying took her life. If the harassment had not occurred, she would be alive today,” he said.


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August Ames’ Husband Files $5 Million Lawsuit

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  1. Good luck trying to sue. That information always finds it way out to the public somehow. If he sued and won it would set one hell of a president and open every city, state, and government organization across the country to lawsuits of a similar nature.

  2. Next time you meet a girl or woman who wants to get into Adult, please tell them it can be deadly. How many female performers have we lost in the last six months alone?

    Why? Why does this keep happening?

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