A 2nd Female Performer Comes Forward About Being RAPED When Sent to a job by her Agent

As we reported a few weeks ago, a well known agent is sending girls on jobs where they are getting raped.

Now a second female performer has come forward with almost identical accusations against her agent, the very same agent as we previously reported on.

As this is an ongoing investigation we can’t comment on names, nor would we want to expose the names of real victims of sexual crimes but we are happy to report we were able to work the president of the FSC, Eric Paul Leue to get this particular victim the counseling she has needed for awhile now.

Although the incident happened over a year ago, there is still enough information for her to file a report against her agent with California’s labor commissioner’s office. Rape is a big deal and the labor commissioner’s office assures us that they are taking this very serious. Although we currently only have two confirmed reports, after speaking with a few people we understand this is something this agent has been doing for many, many years.

Rape is a very serious accusation, but since this is not the first time this agent has been accused of sending his talent on jobs where the girl was physically attacked, we hope these reports to the labor board will be taken seriously and the agent in question will be dealt with harshly and swiftly.

What we can also say is that the two parties who have come forward are not related to each other, nor do they seem to know of each other. Their incidents, although similar in nature took place at very different times although both performers report they were sent to the exact same job. Both performers reported the incident to the police and to their agent. Neither seemed to care.

A “private” is when a porn star is paid to fuck a guy (fan/collector) that is not part of a legitimate porn production from a “real” porn producer. It’s illegal for agents to book these kinds of jobs.

If something like this has happened to you, you can contact us privately and we’ll make sure you are put in contact with the lawyer and private investigator currently working on this case. 

You do not have to publicly come forward.  Like the other victims, you can remain anonymous while the legal team works on the case. You are a victim of a sexual crime. You are a victim. None of this is your fault and you do have rights. Also by coming forward, you might be able to stop this agent from sending others on the very same job and prevent someone else from getting brutally attacked.?

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A 2nd Female Performer Comes Forward About Being RAPED When Sent to a job by her Agent

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  1. What the fuck is getting into porn people lately? One agent sending talent to get raped, other talent attempting to railroad a producer with false rape accusations, a certain male talent ripping his girlfriends off — what is LADWP putting in the Chatsworth water supply to cause this shit? If a few adult film industry people don’t clean up their acts the whole industry will suffer from increased government intrusion at minimum and possibly a complete ban on porn production in the US (the current SCOTUS is so conservative that they almost certainly would find a ban constitutional). Mike South was right when he said (paraphrased) that if the industry didn’t clean itself up there would be governmental intervention, it happened in California with their mostly successful attempt to use health and safety law to run the industry out of the state (they along with Weinfuck at AHF even ran Kink.com out of their armory no matter what Peter said about moving production to make the building more palatable for non-porn building rental) and it could happen in other states or at the federal level if the shit in this article continues to happen!

  2. Was KINK that adamant to shoot bareback that they left such a nice building? I’ve watched condom porn, I could live with it.

  3. I can’t speak to personal experience but as far as male talent ripping his girlfriends off from what I have heard/read there are probably several mopes (male performers in the periphery of the industry) ripping their performer GFs off as I type. These mopes are called “suitcase pimps”. I guess taking the GF’s money from her isn’t a necessary part of being a “suitcase pimp” (the original definition was a man that manages his performer GF’s career and he also carries her suitcases of clothes, enemas, douches and sea sponges on set for her — my impression is that what Evan Stone does for his wife Katie Morgan when she tours the strip clubs but he almost certainly isn’t ripping her off as he has his own money) but many of them do essentially rip the performer GF or even wife off. There is a recent article (as of mid December 2018) about a male talent that is accused of ripping off a female talent then threatening to have her shot (using the phrase “get the strap” — I had thought he was threatening to have her whipped but three people informed me that phrase means to shoot someone nowadays) when she tried to collect, you can do a search for it.

  4. Wow, Matthew Harris, can’t thank you enough for sharing your vast knowledge of the porn industry and educating us on insider terms like “mope” and “suitcase pimp.”

    Btw, the male talent Matthew is referring to is Nat Turnher. It’s OK, Matt – this isn’t aydeetee where we tiptoe around naming names in order to play parent.

  5. Hop, the term “mope” was mainly used on JM sets and might not be common knowledge anymore. As far as naming Nat, I honestly wasn’t sure of his name at the time and didn’t feel like looking it up. The article is still on the front page of this site and people can go read it themselves for more information. What Nat is accused of doing is reprehensible and assuming the accusations are true he needs to be run out of the industry ASAP! Maybe he should also be tarred, feathered and beaten to within an inch of his life before being thrown in the back of a pickup truck, driven to Santa Barbara and dumped.

  6. Hop Sing Sing, it should also be noted that there are people not in the adult film industry reading that might not know the definition of “suitcase pimp” and “mope”. They all will think you need to be sent to Sing Sing prison for “ass stuffing therapy” very quickly, though, Hop.

  7. Btw Matthew your tweet to Aaliyah Love was shameful. Twitter doesn’t seem to be working out for you too well, although your former employer Sean Tompkins follows you so at least there’s that…

  8. Sing Sing is known for being the maximum security prison in New York State. IIRC it has been open since the late 1800’s.

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