“We are suing Gallery Mag and Montcalm Publishing, additional plaintiffs wanted”

From GFY

We have retained an attorney and are going to sue Gallery Magazine, Montcalm Publishing, and we already have dozens of you interested (models and photographers) who have contacted me directly already. Those who are eligible are those who submitted photo’s to Gallery Magazine’s “Girl Next Door” contest and appeared as contestants (models) in their monthly issues, as a submitting photographers and won $500, models who won the monthly contest of $2500 for the “Girl Next Door” of the month or the models who won the “Girl Next Door” of the year for $25,000, and any photographer who was hired by Gallery/Montcalm to shoot these models/girls for their magazine and didn’t get paid for their work. I know some photographers personally who are owed $20,000 and even more then $50,000 from Montcalm that have already contacted us. Even if you are only owed as little as $250 you can join this lawsuit at no cost to you!

It won’t cost anyone a penny to be a part of this lawsuit and doesn’t matter what state you live.

Photographers hired by Gallery/Montcalm to do the winners shoots for their magazine could win their original fee plus damages and interest!

Nicole Graves aka CoCo (she is known as CoCo in the GND Nov. 06 issue) and myself will organize all of the details. All you have to do is contact us and let us know who you are and how much you are owed!

Don’t let others discourage you that Gallery and their parent company Montcalm Publishing are going under, it just isn’t true! Anyway don’t worry about the legal issues our attorneys will handle that simply contact us as soon as possible and add your name and the amount they owe you to the long list of current plaintiffs!

Magazine’s like Gallery take advantage of innocent models and companies like Montcalm give our industry a bad name. What they are doing is not right, absolutely contract and contest fraud, and possibly illegal in many jurisdictions!

JOIN NOW or be left with nothing for your hard work! There is strength in numbers and divided with shall fall!

My contact info is [email protected] or ICQ 290-379-826, once we verify you have a valid claim I will provide you with my office phone and attorney’s name so that you may contact them directly and get added to the lawsuit.

15090cookie-check“We are suing Gallery Mag and Montcalm Publishing, additional plaintiffs wanted”

“We are suing Gallery Mag and Montcalm Publishing, additional plaintiffs wanted”

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