Kink To Dump Public Disgrace

The site and others in its genre, which have been much maligned and the center of a lot of controversy, are being dumped according to my sources at Kink.

Kink has been under a lot of scrutiny with regard to recent HIV incidences and often public disgrace is at the center due to the policy of using extras that are not tested yet often end up in “contact” situations with performers.

No time frame as yet but by the end of the year is a good bet, I am told they are no longer shooting scenes for that site.  i doubt the site will go black, more likely it simply wont update anymore.

Keep your eyes on Kink….I’m hearing they have a backroom deal in the works with a porn company…more on that later



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Kink To Dump Public Disgrace

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  1. I personally feel my scumbag Jew buddy Ari Bass is upset over this post. I personally feel I want stinky Lola Murder to take a shower.

  2. I guess all that talk about standing up for your rights takes a backseat to standing up for your pocketbook. True colors coming into the light. The simple fact is, Ackworth, like a majority of porn producers have never made the amount of money they claim, and they have never given 2 shits about anybodys ‘rights.’

    The people that Kink is dealing with dont want to be associated with the ultra hardcore stuff that is part of Kink. Kink is making these concessions to their ‘new’ business partners in order to complete the deal. It just business. Man, this could be a win-win for both parties.

  3. It’s not the fans in Public Disgrace who are causing STD’s in porn, its the crossovers and girls that work with them/escorting.

    Anybody disagree?

  4. I hope Peter isn’t selling Kink but understand why he would. With AHF’s campaign to run porn out of CA, the cost and hassle of moving to Nevada or Florida and the hassle of running a large porn producer in general where he doesn’t get to actually participate in the making of porn I see where the fun is gone for him. Peter has likely made enough money to live out the rest of his life, as long as he is not individually responsible for the company’s debts and if he is tired of running a large porn producer I see where he would decide to sell the company. If he is selling I certainly hope it isn’t to FuckGeek/Manfuck, they would drag the company down like they have Digital Playground and Twisty’s. Whatever happens Peter is such an institution at Kink that I can’t imagine the company without him.

    While we are discussing BDSM porn production companies I will say that I haven’t seen or heard of a succession plan for Kink when Peter leaves the company. That will make his leaving (whether it be a sale of the company, his untimely demise or any other reason he would no longer be running the company) much harder than it could be. For example at Intersec PD (yes, that is the owner’s porn name) several years ago hired Matt Williams away from Kink to have someone capable of running his company take over when he decides to retire. More porn company CEOs should take PD’s example and have someone already at the company that he/she would trust to run the company if he/she could no longer do so to protect both his/her wealth and reputation.

  5. @mdxx,
    Std’s are in the porn pool RIGHT NOW. For several years i reported postive results to AIM every single day, every single day, not one single exception.

    Performers dont go outside of porn when escorting, they bring people in to the performer pool. STD”s are spreading among performers right now, yesterday, and everyday in the future. The porn pool is infected right now. If every performer who escorts were to stop tomorrow there would still be std’s being transmitted back and forth every day in the porn industry. And while the documented number of performers infected is staggering, the number of performers EXPOSED is beyond staggering. And this is not a second hand opinion based on internet articles, I lived it every single day, I saw it with my own eyes every single day, I made the call with the list of names every single day, and I saw the list of names from a dozen other clinics every week, where there were more positives than was reprted to AIM.

  6. @Cindi Spiegler That right. Lola-Murder is a unemployed TRPWL hag whore that stinks to high heaven and sits around all day pounting she can’t get a job and will not because she is associated with porn.
    And also she is a Tommy Pistol stalker. Alia Janine is Cindi Spiegler.
    Muhammed Jahid.

  7. I commented above, Crunkle Schwitz. I suspect Hop Sing/Rob Black finally got himself arrested and incarcerated again but I really don’t know. 🙂

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