My Favorite Kayden Kross Moment

I have been working closely with Kayden for almost two years now and I have mentioned this story before.

But I got an email from a reader today and she wanted to know my best Kayden Kross Story….well here it is

I had the pleasure of taking the lovely and talented Kayden Kross  to dinner last Friday evening. It was our first time ever meeting face to face.  We had spent many hours on the phone but this was well….sort of a first date.  Now Kayden just doesn’t automagically give you her respect, you have to prove yourself to her and over the course of a year I had.  I could tell at first she was a tad uneasy, that was to be expected, but when our conversation centered on books, writers, politics and such she loosened up quickly, I didn’t bambard her with sexual innuendo and double entendres and dumb shit like that, I treated her like my friend, which she was, and still is.

I have a little place in Hollywood beach where the seafood is very fresh and the atmosphere is like I like….a hole in the wall. It’s called Nicks on the Beach in Hollywood Beach. FL. So that’s where we went.

As we peruse the menu I ask this young lady If she knows what she wants for dinner. She responds that she is leaning towards fish. I suggest either the Dolphin or the Grouper as they are both indigenous and locally caught, ensuring freshness.

She is from California, naturally and is quite the animal lover, owning horses and having worked in the past at Petco, I even knew she started stripping to get enough money to save a horse from slaughter.

She seems a tad uneasy as she says; “I’m not really a vegetarian but I just couldn’t eat Dolphin.”

At first I’m a bit perplexed, then it occurs to me that she thinks they are serving “Flipper”, in other words dolphin the mammal not dolphin the fish.

Now picture this…she positively has to be appalled, and she is probably thinking that this person that she has decided to trust and respect must be some sort of monster… I mean dolphin the mammals are generally considered more intelligent than most Californians and here she is sure that I am sufggesting that she eat one.

But she is holding it together, partially out of giving me the benefit of the doubt I think and partially out of the idea that maybe people in Florida really do eat dolphin the mammals.

It crosses my mind to fuck with her, but I resist and explain to her that it’s not Flipper but what she might know better as Mahi Mahi or Dorado.

Dolphin The Fish

She ended up ordering it.I have to hand it to her though, she maintained her composure very well for someone who had to be APPALLED that people would eat Flipper.

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My Favorite Kayden Kross Moment

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