Whatever Happened To Kayden Kross

OK I have had a lot of you asking if Kayden is still writing for mikesouth.com, most of you agreed that she is a good and entertaining writer (I agree on both counts) So when we talked today I asked her.

Her reply was “Yes”

I told her that’s awesome to hear and that I just want one column a week.  I told her to keep it light, upbeat and fun because that is what she does best.

Her response was “I can’t commit to once a week, I don’t have the time.”

My response was , I don’t need you then.

So the answer is no, she is no longer writing for this site.

28250cookie-checkWhatever Happened To Kayden Kross

Whatever Happened To Kayden Kross

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3 Responses

  1. Mikey, my friend it is time you woke up and smelled the coffee on this slag. You take her from someone nobody had heard of to where she is. You supported her when everyone said you were a moron for doing so and you never gave up on her. When she needed you, you were there. Now she doesn’t “have time” to write an update a week here?

    Tell that bitch to fuck off and reconsider the big picture. If she would do that to you imagine what she would do to some guy whose house she bought and rented back to him.

  2. Wait, does this mean that – all along – she has only been blogging because the porn formula says that it’s one of the ways to drag people deeper into their fantasies, and ensure that they won’t feel so bad about spending so much time looking at her naked? That she wasn’t just writing for fun, like she always said she was?

    I can’t believe it.

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