That Post Was Useless Without Pictures

OK for all you pervs (Like Frank) who thought the New Zealand Story was useless without pics, here’s a few pics from the event, I dont know who owns the pics but some guy posted them on ADT so I will credit them, for now.




22720cookie-checkThat Post Was Useless Without Pictures

That Post Was Useless Without Pictures

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks… I think. I know everyone has their own likes/dislikes, but I think I may have to agree with the sign on the last photo. If it wasn’t for the SWEEET RIDE, that one would just Hurt.

    Other than that… Nice… Hey Kayden, next time You should get a helmet too. Apparently it’s not those girls 1st parade. LOL.

  2. I agree with part of that sign in the last picture. Porn DOES hurt women….because our only options seem to be watching gay guys pretending to be straight or old guys pretending to be young. I don’t know which hurts more. Sigh.

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