Happy Birthday To Our Own Kayden Kross

She achieved the tender young age of 24 today, though to hear her tell it she is nigh on a quarter century….that sounds a bit long in the tooth for a porn chick but truth is we think her best years are ahead of her.

Make that we know it.

Happy birthday Kayden, I’m proud to call you a friend.

29140cookie-checkHappy Birthday To Our Own Kayden Kross

Happy Birthday To Our Own Kayden Kross

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  1. Happy Birthday, Kayden !!!
    We love ya and wish you the best of luck (like you need LUCK) in all your endeavors!!!

    We didn’t know what to get ya, So Lady H is online now trying to figure out how to send a fish eye to California. Hope you enjoy… *grin*

  2. Although Kayden is on a birthday vacation celebrating the quick success of The 8th Day, she is now tanning her sexy bod on a a beautiful exotic beach somewhere getting ready for the upcoming release of her big sex-comedy Flight Attendants. Happy Birthday to Kayden who by the way is quite funny in this flick.

  3. I know it’s about a week late but you’ll have to excuse me for not keeping up with things. I had my fiances funeral this week. So it’s very belated but happy birthday Kayden. You are a total sweetheart. I remember meeting you at Exxotica Miami when u and mike can down here a while ago. Glad you are doing so well. Happy 24th! Thats a great age enjoy it! XOXO -Kelly, Fort Lauderdale, FL

  4. Kelly you are a wonderfully sweet girl and a long time and good friend…I love you so much….You are certainly due for some good luck. Im sorry for your loss and anytime you want to get away just call me baby

    Love you always

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