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From PornLife: You run into Kayden Kross in the bar of a Vegas hotel…what do you say or do?

My first reaction is to say run….Im reminded of an old song by Don Henley

“You’re leavin’ tongue marks on the carpet
And I know what you’re lookin’ at
You would walk on your lips through busted glass
If you could get next to that
You think this is love
Your education starts today”

You look at Kayden Kross and you see a dream, but this is a dream with very sharp teeth.

Kayden would tell you to not even try, but if you really must there are two ways.

Kayden has a soft spot for animals, particularly those that are in less than fortunate circumstances, so if you transformed yourself into a small bunny and were shaking and shivering and starving to death and you looked at her then looked down you could live with her the rest of your life and you would be well taken care of.

But I presume this isnt the answer you are looking for either.

The one thing Kayden Kross respects in human beings is intelligence and more importantly wisdom. If Kayden feels like she can learn from you she will attach herself to you and will suck the wisdom out of you….so to speak.

find common ground quickly and use it in an offhand manner to illustrate knowledge on a subject, if she is reading Barry Hannah a knowledge of his writing would get her attention at least briefly, for example.

Stay away from anything personal, if she is at all interested in you she will not want to talk about herself. She is fiercely independent and no matter how interesting you may be she thinks way more of herself than she does of you so be ready for that.

While these things may seem bitter let me clarify they absolutely are not, I love Kayden to death, for who she is, if you do get close she is actually as satisfying as a friend as she is frustrating, and Im not telling you a single thing that I dont think she would tell you. I know that inside her is a really caring and wonderful person but it will be a very long time before you see anything more than a glimpse of it.

This is a dream with teeth.

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Ask a Question 17

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