A Reader Wants a Job Reference on Kayden Kross

Dear Mr. South,

Kayden Kross has circulated a resume that lists you as a former employer, we would very much appreciate a reference.

Contributing Writer, Mikesouth.com
Mar 2008-Septemberish 2009

Thank You In Advance.

Oh my, the temptations here are simply overwhelming. Could I have some fun with this…

This is what ya call a full blown dilemma I mean do be be honest, funny, mean, the possibilities are endless. She did win an award that year for her writing, sort of, I think it was the best female writer who doesn’t write award. Tim Case won the best male in the same category.

When she did write she has a kind of dry wit style but it is very detached, she writes as though she isn’t a part or the life she is writing about, even though its hers.  We liked it though.

But as a company we don’t feel as though we got quid pro quo.

I called my HR person, a rather surly lady named Helen Waite and I asked how I should handle this  inquiry and her response was if we were considering re-hiring Kayden Kross that Kayden should be sent directly to her first.

So in short if that were the case Kayden should immediately go to Helen Waite.

31600cookie-checkA Reader Wants a Job Reference on Kayden Kross

A Reader Wants a Job Reference on Kayden Kross

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2 Responses

  1. Wow that is quite harsh. I just watched the Super Bowl with some friends including Kayden and she had nothing but nice things to say about you Mike. I guess I need Paul Harvey to deliver the ‘rest of the story’.

  2. Now why does everyone just assume Im being mean and they miss the element of humor. Now while it’s true I have some issues with Kayden in terms of I felt like considering the consierable effort I put into helping her way above and beyond what I was paid for, and I didnt think asking for a column a week was too much…I still like Kayden personally.

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