Julie Meadows Incredibly Well Done Short

This girl may have a future in video editing, and I laughed……

The Kitty That Ate Los Angeles


31320cookie-checkJulie Meadows Incredibly Well Done Short

Julie Meadows Incredibly Well Done Short

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  1. WOW WOW WOW… Julie, that was amazing !!! I laughed my ass off, literally, I can’t find it anywhere. As an editor myself (just because I can’ afford anyone else to do it for me), I know what kind of effort went into that five minutes. Kudos on the editing, the green-screen work, and the sound effects !!! Now I’m off to continue looking for my ass.

  2. @MikeSouth1226 Could you take the cupcake off my ass so I can get up now please *hehe* My one-eyed deer misses you by the way 😉

  3. @MikeSouth1226 the one that can’t read!!! Lol.. The one that brought dr suess in the club so she could practice reading! Hahaha

  4. @MikeSouth1226 that’s something to blog about even more stripper goes thru high school not readin then takes readin classes at local college

  5. @MikeSouth1226 those tweets r so low class lol shhhh don’t tell her I said that!! Lol

  6. @MikeSouth1226 you know I’m ready to be a redneck again…I loved shooting guns with you n @kittytylerxxx

  7. Oh, hey!! Mike, you devil! 😀 Thank you for posting it here. hee hee

    Hunter, I got your response in my e-mail Inbox, first. Funny comment! I love you guys. It’s so nice to know good people. 🙂

  8. Hunter and Lady H are the best, and Julie I happen to know he is anxiously awaiting seeing what yu can do with footage of him in a boat in the gulf of Mexico reeling in little fish, like that baby shark that almost killed his ass.

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