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A week’s worth of questions, reflections, observations and deep shit. Don’t ask, I’m making this up as I go along…

I don’t understand…

Why is Ann Coulter popular? Maybe this is a tired topic, I don’t know. I’m just now getting into politics. I don’t get it. She is a strange woman who says strange things. I finally saw her conversation with Joy Behar, who filled in for Larry King on Larry King Live around February of this year, and I have to say, I don’t get it. I guess the idea is that she’s this conservative and Christian person, yet she called former White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, “retarded”, insinuated that widows from 9/11 are attention mongers and projected the perverted idea that the American public wants to “have sex with [Barrack Obama]”… Um, what? That seems extremely contradictory to the “conservative” and “Christian” values that actual Conservative and Christian people are supposed to uphold, as far as I know. Truth is, it always seems that the so-called Conservatives and Christians are so much more radical than anyone else! I saw that crazy Shelley Luben video on YouTube, trying to find Paul Fishbein of Vivid, and even though a title card flashes the message that we are “meant for more than porn…”, she clearly expresses racism towards a Korean woman by pulling her automobile alongside her, and without any inquiry as to the woman’s ethnicity, asks her in Chinese if she knows where Paul Fishbein can be found. I don’t know where you come from, but if you have any actual sensitivity whatsoever, you don’t assume that just because someone’s eyes resemble a Chinese person’s eyes, that they are Chinese! Again, just another radical “Christian” being insensitive in the crusade for sensitivity.

Ann Coulter and people like her strike me as the type of people who know they’re playing with facts, twisting information, etc… which is probably why they are so calm. It makes sense. If you know you are playing a game, there’s no reason to get ruffled because, basically, it’s strategy. You are trying to get the person you’re talking to ruffled so you can call them out as the crazy person for being overemotional and not submitting to your babbling jargon. It’s like a magic trick. ‘Look over here so I can pull in something from over there.’ I am very impressed, though, with the calm some folks exude when dealing with this weird Ann Coulter woman. Joy Behar held her own, as have Rachel Maddow and others. What can you do? It seems you have to have a healthy sense of humor to deal with someone so strange, lest you do lose your composure and look like a crazy person, and she’s just not worth it. Besides, it’s probably fun for them because she’s so easy to tear apart. I woke up this morning sighing relief. “Hmm… Well, maybe I was just a whore, but at least I’m not Ann Coutler… Ew.”

Inspirational Thought…

I was talking to a coworker and somehow it came up that he had dated someone with a little penis. He was shocked that this person was hurt to be told he had a small penis when, “Um… he should know! He’s the one with the small penis all his life. Duh!” I would like to say something inspirational to the small-penis man, “Don’t look at it as a flaw, but as an opportunity to explore more creative sexual routes. You can compensate in so many other ways. Don’t look at it as an obstacle, consider it a challenge to find unique ways of approaching sex and fulfilling your partner through imaginative means. Don’t let someone else’s criticism get you down. If it’s not your penis, guess what… people are finicky and complicated. They’ll find some other damned reason to not like you. Believe me, I know.”

Yay!! Emma Thompson is cool again!

I don’t normally like, but I found a great article there about a university student named, Caitlin, who had a brief meeting with Emma Thompson and she chose to use that time by showing Emma letters that people had written due to their disappointment that she had signed Bernard-Henri Lévy’s petition to free Roman Polanski. According to the story, she read them and said that she would take her name off the petition. She expressed the fact that she is friends with Roman Polanski, but also acknowledges that a crime is a crime. Assuming that it is true, it was nice to read that. I understand arguments for different things, and I also know that no one is bad all of the time. A person can be brilliant and disturbed. In fact, it’s almost the criteria for brilliance that one be disturbed, but past a certain age we can choose how we express that disturbed side of ourselves. We can find a creative outlet, or we can take advantage of those we feel are easy to overpower. A grown man should never choose to make prey of a helpless person, nor should any person choose to make prey of a more helpless person, or animal, for that matter. I was very impressed when I read that Jeffrey Dahmer accepted full responsibility for his actions, years ago in prison, even going out of his way to say that he did not blame his parents because he was an adult by then, and fully aware of what he was doing. It doesn’t make it any better really, but it’s still important to own up to such things. Setting a positive example is something, even when it seems impossible to set a positive example.

What I learned this week…

I learned that it’s smart to invest in a good digital recorder. Something small that you can pull out and use should you feel the need to record, say… a harassing conversation? Put your phone on “speaker”, tell the harassing ass-bag you are going to record the conversation because it’s illegal, otherwise. (Don’t call him/her an ass-bag, if you can help it.) I had to learn this legality from talking to a lawyer several years ago because someone had tape-recorded me without my knowing it and so I had to consult an attorney to find out if they had a legal right to do anything with it. It’s a long story I will tell someday because it’s too strange not to… Anyway, say to the person clearly [that you are going to record the conversation] so that they know you have made yourself clear, and then record away! You never know when you’re going to have to defend yourself, so keep that thing handy. I make most of my writing notes in my car on the way to and from work, so I just happened to have it on me when my landlord starting yelling at me, for no reason whatsoever. I thought I had anger issues. No. I do not have anger issues. Not next to this piece of shit. Next to him, I am subdued and, quite frankly, sedated! Look for a dance mix in the near future from Doug & Lydia entitled, “I’m Not Going To Argue With You, Lady!” Ha! j/k 🙂

Also, I gleaned a learning experience from an unexpected source yesterday. Christina Aguilera was quoted somewhere talking about how she exercises and how much she hates exercise as it’s happening, but that it’s worth it because she feels great afterwards. It got me thinking. What I do is drink in the moment, and then feel horrible afterwards. I thought, ‘So it’s just the reverse. That’s easy! Feel good in the moment and bad later vs. feeling bad in the moment and good later.’ It probably won’t keep me from drinking… but shit, that’s a smart thought!

And finally… a quote:

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare  … Sent from a cool person who writes to me. Appropriate and thoughtful. So, if I don’t think about drinking, it ain’t bad…. Thanks!

– Julie Meadows

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Greetings From The Undergirl!

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6 Responses

  1. LOL, so because her views differ from yours, she’s appealing to the lowest common denominator of human behavior? Try not to be such a stereotypical liberal blog poster. 🙂 I agree that Ann goes over the top once in awhile but shall we go into detail about the liberal Ann’s who spew exaggerated truths?

    FYI, I cannot wait for the Ann Coulter sex tape to come out. She looks like she would enjoy anal. 🙂

  2. A sex tape, eh? Sounds very conservative to me.

    I’d love to know who the liberal extremists are. It’s funny to think of an “extreme liberal”, i.e., an extremely liberated person? Is that kind of person a lawless person person? Are they “Manson Family” people? Are they Mormon? I honestly would like o know. I’ve been listening to politics for years, but my brain tends to react like a person in shock and virtually “pass out” by tuning out. I have avoided the complication for too long and am diving in, finally. Who are the radical liberals? I will begin my google search now.

    I’m not sure I could power through any of Ann’s books in order to find out, since she’s known to misquote people, anyway.

  3. I’m assuming the lowest common denominator of human behavior is a complacency for ignorance?
    Indpependent of your political views, Ann Coulter has taken “Spin” to the level of Delusion and she does not seem to understand the concept of creating a Sound Argument (in fact, she doesn’t even seem to make valid deductive arguments,) which is why others can rip her comments to shreds. As a result, I think she does more to push the masses away from her cause, than draw them to it . What makes her an idiot, is that her actions are clearly counter productive to her own goals…not the fact that she is an extremist.
    You can catch flys with honey OR you can catch flys by sticking your finger in a light socket and waiting till they come to lay eggs on your decomposing corpse. Both methods work, one is just clearly insane. Anne seems to choose the latter.

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