On The Michael Jackson Thing… My Buddy Neal Boortz Said It Best:


Today on the show I’m sure we’ll get those calls from people who will say that Michael Jackson is innocent; that this trial has proved that he is innocent. Sorry .. but that’s not the way this works. That jury didn’t not say that Michael Jackson didn’t molest that little boy. What they did say was that after the State of California presented its evidence there was some reasonable doubt about his guilt. If Michael Jackson did molest that boy, as I believe he did, then he is still a child molester and a pedophile.

America is blessed to have heard from Elizabeth Taylor on this issue. Taylor says “Thank God Michael is vindicated for all time. Now maybe people can leave him alone.” Vindicated for all time? Sorry, Elizabeth. He most certainly has not been vindicated. The prosecutors just didn’t prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s it.

Most people don’t understand this “innocent until proven guilty” concept. That only applies to government, not to the rest of us. Only the government has the power to use force to deprive someone of their life, liberty or property because they have committed a crime. To limit this power the law requires a proof of guilt. Absent that proof the government must consider that person to be innocent of the crime. The government, not us. Once you’ve molested a little boy you’re a child molester. You’re a child molester whether or not the government has managed to prove it to the satisfaction of a jury.

Do you think this will stop Michael Jackson from molesting little boys? Or do you think he now believes he can get away with it? One of the jurors even said that he believed that Jackson “probably has” molested little boys in the past. I guess there are parents out there who will be more than willing to sell a little personal time with their little boys to Michael in return for a little cash … maybe a nice car. The road seems clear.

Now it’s time for this grotesque pervert to pack up his things and move to South Africa, as he said he would. See ya!

Oh .. and by the way. OJ Simpson is a murderer. Just in case you forgot.

While We Are On The Subject:

I was reading an L.A. Times article on child molestors late last week and they had uncovered a very surprising coincidence. Out of something like 48 convicted child molestors 47 of them were big star trek fans….as in they go to conventions and collect memorabilia…Interesting…Reckon the Trekkies will come under the same scrutiny that we do?….We don’t even have ANY correlation to child molestation.

On Chloe Jones:

Word is that she died of liver failure came as no big surprise to anyone who knew her, this should be a lesson to others (but it wont be) drugs and alcohol kill you. PERIOD.

Jill Kelly…

Apparently she just inadvertently (ya right) finds herself laying down with dogs from Personal Porn to Freidland, Jill has proven she will whore herself to anyone willing to pay her to be a scumbag. From Personal Porn (They ripped off tons of webmasters, including me)…Jill’s explanation to me for being their spokesperson “hey, they pay me”. This even after she KNEW what they were doing.

So for the last few years she has been Freidland’s whore. Taking about 350K per year for use of her “valuable” name and installing her as an “officer” at JKP where she and Bob promised things like royalties that, of course, were never delivered. But hey, it kept old Bob in prime porn pussy.

So now Jill suddenly comes to the realization that the game Freidland has been running with JKP and it’s stock might very well land her ass in jail, so she decides to quit. Newsflash for ya Jill….You were an officer, quitting now won’t help you…unless of course you cut a deal to roll over on Freidland…Sounds right up your alley.

Bet your ass you won’t read THIS over at the 800 Lb Gorilla.

15490cookie-checkOn The Michael Jackson Thing… My Buddy Neal Boortz Said It Best:

On The Michael Jackson Thing… My Buddy Neal Boortz Said It Best:

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