Andrea True amkes top 100

Right there with Billy Ray Cyrus (Achey Breaky Heart), ? and the Mysterians (96 tears), and Right Said Fred (I’m Too Sexy) is Anrea True (More More More) ranked #60 in VH1s top 100 one hit wonders of all time, for those of you not in the know Adrea True was a pornstar in the 70s and yes she really did do hardcore. Many porners have tried to make it in music including Tom Byron, who has again announced his retirement, High/Low on his return is 3 months, but I digress. VH1 left off a few classics like The Castaways (Liar, Liar) and Golden earring (Radar Love) I don’t think either of these had another hit.

4490cookie-checkAndrea True amkes top 100

Andrea True amkes top 100

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