Jenna jamesons Home in Hollywood Hills Foreclosed

From TMZ

The Hollywood Hills mansion — which Jenna purchased in 2006 for $2.7 million — hit the auction block earlier this month … and was sold off for $1.85 million.

According to official docs, Jenna’s bank notified her in February that she had defaulted on her mortgage payments to the tune of $56,918.

Jenna subsequently listed the home for $1.899 million but failed to find a buyer. Her bank then obtained a final judgment against her in June for the full amount of her mortgage … $2,027,816.

Jenna never paid, so the home was foreclosed on and sold at auction.

Sources tell us, Jenna had rented out the home for years — while she lived in Orange County with her ex Tito Ortiz — but the home recently sustained significant water damage, and Jenna decided it wasn’t worth the expense to fix … so she let it go into foreclosure.

It’s unclear where Jenna is currently living — she’s on the outs with Tito and is definitely not living with him. Attempts to reach Jenna for comment were unsuccessful.

86250cookie-checkJenna jamesons Home in Hollywood Hills Foreclosed

Jenna jamesons Home in Hollywood Hills Foreclosed

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  1. Guess the royalty check from zombie strippers didn’t work out well enough to save the house
    Thought she had moved to phoenix when she sold club jenna. Guess that money went away in pills or something else. Wonder if two kids later she has a cookie that can bring the fans but maybe she will be running new gang bangs and tp for kink.

  2. I don’t think Jenna is that desperate that she would do a scene for Hardcore Gang Bangs or triple penetration. She still has a fan base that has aged with her so she can likely make money stripping as a feature dancer. It won’t provide her the lifestyle she is used to but it will pay more than the $1300 a anal gang bang scene would.

    IMO she was sort of ugly even before she left porn and got messed up on drugs and alcohol. On an episode of Vivid Valley (filmed in late 2003) she also came across as a diva. She will survive for the time being but hopefully she hits bottom and gets treatment for the drug addiction that she obviously has.

  3. I actually went to TMZ’s site and tried to watch the video. I could only watch about a minute of it, Jenna was slurring her speech so badly I couldn’t make out half of what she said. I think she took one too many OxyContin before her interview (her ex claims she is addicted to them), she certainly showed signs of intoxication on something.

  4. At least she had a home to begin with!!! Idiots like Rob “Slamming Crystal” Black dont have a home or a pot to piss in.

  5. Kate, are you still mad because I saw you walking Sepulveda Blvd in fishnets and heels? Putting that college degree to good use(besides rambling on porn sites) . . ..

  6. Hahaha!!!! Chris you are HILARIOUS!!!! Is there a mandatory “troll class” that people in the industry have to take? Bacause you all follow the same recycled script. HILARIOUS!!!! CONTINUE ON TROLL. 🙂

  7. By the way, Troll, I mean Chris… thanks for the complement!!!
    I know that the lowlife losers in the industry only bully and harass people who are smart and are telling the truth!!! They certainly don’t harass dummies. They LOVE them!!! So in a desperate attempt they try to attack the character of the person, like me, who is telling the truth..hoping that they’ll go away!!! NOT GONNA WORK ON ME!!!! Nice try, Chris!!! You make me laugh. I LOVE it!!! CONTINUE ON TROLL!! 🙂

  8. I thought Chris would by now, be
    Over at Axel Braun place kissing ass for another Porn part in a
    Parody. Super Troll…

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