Jenna Jameson Didn’t Disappoint at XBiz Awards

In other words the general consensus was that she was a train wreck.  Twitter was abuzz about it.

Apparently she was babbling incoherently with one porner commenting that a translator was needed, another porn chick tweeted “Now I know what it’s like to watch someone die in front of me”

another said “Remember the scene at the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark with the melting faces? Thats what watching Jenna felt like tonight.”

and someone else tweeted, “its not a porn award show, its an intervention for Jenna”

But the best was from jack lawrence :  “So, I heard that the #xbizawards was a train wreck, my solution: a Breathalyzer enabled Microphone.

91420cookie-checkJenna Jameson Didn’t Disappoint at XBiz Awards

Jenna Jameson Didn’t Disappoint at XBiz Awards

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  1. How come I am not surprised? Jenna Jameson is a train wreck and a death waiting to happen. I wouldn’t hire her to shovel horseshit out of a barn in the condition she is currently in. She just ruined any chance of a second career in the jizz biz.

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