I will Say It Jenna is A Train Wreck

There’s a whole slew of Jenna videos stemming from her promo tours of the book “Sugar”.  If her writing is as incoherent as her interviews the book can’t be very good but I’m sure its just her name on it and the co-author actually did the writing..

All that said if I am XBiz I am for sure securing a back up for the XBiz Awards….Judging from recent appearances that isn’t going to end well….

stuff like



and by far the worst


No wonder it costs her 400 an hour to visit her kids (they have to be supervised visits)


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I will Say It Jenna is A Train Wreck

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  1. I am not in the business and know very few people in the biz. I found the interview to be very sad (obviously). There is a lot going on here. Jenna, even though she denounced the industry, does not deserve our scorn, she deserves help. Imagine the various pressures she is under, and yes some brought down upon herself.

  2. Damn, that was strange. She reminded me of when Anna Nicole Smith used to ramble on while being completely wasted.

    Obviously, too much plastic surgery. But, I think it may be the cheek implants that really mess everything up??

    I fucking love DListed. I’ve been reading that site since I was in college. Much better than Perez.

  3. We all know Jenna’s never been the Kayden Kross of “pornstars as writers” (even her first ghost-written book seemed purposely dumbed-down so some might be more inclined to believe it was written mostly by her). She also has an unfortunate habit of choosing all the wrong men. Jenna has just never been the brightest woman. When certain industry types claimed she was a “smart businesswoman,” it was impossible not to smirk.

  4. @Lacey: three minutes into the YouTube video and I bailed. It’s like she was actually possessed by the ghost of Anna Nicole Smith.

  5. Interesting though to read the comments on some of these sites. The tmz site had a lot of folks talking about how “porn wrecked her”. Porn? Or drugs and alcohol?

  6. OMFG its the return of GODDESS! will she disappear again or is this the beginning of a new round of stalking from afar….we missed you oh odd one.

  7. IZ : Your Industry Source For Failure

    Look at the headliners for XBIZ 360

    –Rob Black

    As I’ve said before AdultFYI is not a news site or a PR site. We are a commentary site, where we try to talk about things that matter, we give you a sense of what is real and what is going on in the business, we tell you about all of the bullshit and where it’s coming from and we give you the real facts.

    So, if you’re tuning in to hear about somebody’s dildo sales or if you’re hoping to read that Jenna Jameson was on someone’s show or who’s fucking trannies. All of these things are covered on other news cycles.

    Jenna was picked to host the XBIZ awards and everyone had their little daily news fodder, and now it’s just passe.

    It’s not really entertaining to bust Jenna’s balls because she’s in such a weird place, and it’s reality, and it’s the reality of this business for girls who put their entire lives in the hands of con artists or pimps.

    We have a way of busting balls to get a point across and then anything after that becomes systematically redundant and silly because we’re attacking people who are inherently defenseless.

    When I bust balls, and I’m not talking about your one day Jenna Jameson ball bust. Or your Jessa Rhodes or the Sasquatch hunter Barrett Blade. People like that who we give a one day blast to, I mean people like them are really just pathetic sad people who are just symptoms of our business and to beat them up everyday is just redundant and retarded.

    It’s ballbusting. It’s fun.I mean I’ve busted Axel Braun’s balls about Seth Gamble sucking him off in his trailer.

    Ballbusting, I mean we’re inherently having fun. They’re not evil people. Barrett Blade is not an evil person. He’s just a douche. Jessa Rhodes is not an evil person. She’s just a dummy, shoot people with AIDS, I mean, Jesus Christ. So you give her a little schtick for a day or two. You don’t hammer them.

    That’s what this business does. It hammers at the silliest stuff.

    So Jenna’s fucked up, she’s on something, OK. Other than that, she is you typical porn adult star who got jerked around by the best of them.

    Started her career with Brad Armstrong, the ultimate suitcase pimp. Brad rode Jenna’s coat tails into a directing job at Wicked.

    From there she hooked up with the KING of suitcase pimps, a man by the name of Jay Grdina. Jay Grdina got his hooks into Jenna and created this ClubJenna machine. The Steve Hirsch and all these people and they took this girl and they created this empire.

    They created all these thoughts and delusions of grandeur in her head, where they were throwing parties that cost a million dollars and giving each other diamond bracelets and Jay’s breeding Arabian racing horses.

    So what happens is the business hit the wall, they’ve pissed away all her money, Jay Grdina the purest of all the pimps runs out of juice and what happens? They separate.

    What you basically have then is a girl who just unhinges because she is just systematically destructed by a cold hard pimp.

    So to sit here and beat up Jenna, because it’s like it’s a retarded child and that child is retarded because its mother smoked, did drugs or the mother did everything right and the kid is retarded but why didn’t you have amniocentesis and when you discovered the kid was gonna be below kindergarden level all their life and they’re gonna die by the time they’re 30 and their gonna be born with a foot in their head and you oh, I can’t wait until I can rub his foot head. Shoulda had a fuckin abortion.

    People want to talk about Jenna or Christian XXX, who everybody knows love to fuck guys or girls and if a girl won’t work with him he calls them out and twitter bullies them

    Let’s talk about the agents, let’s talk about Free Speech, let’s talk about the LATA policy and what’s going on with it.

    No, let’s talk about Jenna Jameson and Christian XXX.

    To sit here and talk about all this useless shit is a diversion. “You see the Jenna Jameson video?” Who cares! She’s fucked up!

    She’s exactly what the entire structure of the business is built on. Completely controlled by a guy, never taught right from wrong in anything to do with this business. Jenna can write what she wants to write, but she never had any control over anything to do with that company.

    Fucking Jenna’s doing camming again. This is a girl who went from millions of dollars to doing what everybody else does now. And for people to shit on her is kinda silly because she’s no different that the girls that are so fucked up and delusional and will they never have what Jenna had to fuck up to lose in the first place.

    The real comedy is XBIZ. The real laugh is XBIZ. Because they celebrate failure. Their foundation is set in failure.

    They started by being number two. They had the opportunity to be number one and to leapfrog AVN and be our new voice what Alec Helmy did was basically blow a big fart. He settled for mediocrity and has a newspaper and website that is garbage, it’s a complete mirror of AVN.

    They have an awards show where they have the wherewithal to have it in a big venue in Hollywood and yet have no concept of how to take a portion of the money that they piss way and actually hire a production crew to come in and put together a show and show these assholes how to put together a two hour show and leave off the stage every winner of a dildo, vibrator, billing company… Who fucking cares.

    You make it a weekend fan fest thing where you have two shows. You have one show where you have all the dildo manufacturers and dick pills and processing companies and you make it like a banquet hall like they used to do with AVN and XRCO in the old days.

    And you have adult stars be the presenters and the trophy givers and you give the billing companies and the dildo companies an awards show.

    If you give a shit about them and their business and advertising dollars, why shove them on a stage where they go up and everybody goes, who are these fucking losers?

    And seventeen of the office staff run up there like they just won a fucking Academy Award for Best fucking Picture. It’s a fucking vibrator!

    They go up there and say thank you for recognizing our vision in creating the best o-ring and I’d like to thank Bill in accounting, Mary in sales, Bob in marketing, Phil in the sandwich department and Larry in the warehouse. Who fucking cares? It’s a fucking vibrator! Get the fuck out of here!

    And the next night you have an awards show that’s smaller because you’re not loading it up and you present it like a real show. A two hour show that you choreograph with music, with nice video screens, who have awards that people care about and you have the presenters be the guys in the billing companies and dildo manufacturers, because nobody gives a fuck who gives them the award, they just want to go up on stage or see their friends go up on stage!

    If you want the talent to go and support this shit you’ve got to make it talent supportive and having two hours of giving awards for best dildo or cock ring isn’t supportive! Break it up, you morons!

    But they’re a company based on failure. So they settled for number two.

    Where I say they’re based on failure, look at this.

    Their big news that they teased about for a couple months and made a big deal about was Jenna Jameson, who is basically a down and out adult film actress who got taken advantage of, pissed way all her money and is about two steps from taking loads in the face again, after she told the business to fuck off and die and she’ll never spread her legs for them again and they take weeks to announce it and they say it’s Jenna Jameson and people said what?

    So XBIZ picks Jenna Jameson. She’s promoting a book. She’s incoherent in interviews. Is she even gonna make it to the show?

    That’s XBIZ’s big move. And here’s their other move. I don’t get this.

    From http://www.XBIZ.com

    “Scheduled for Jan. 22-25, the digital media conference is one of seven events as part of the XBIZ 360 events series, which will bring together industry executives and entrepreneurs from around the world to explore the future of the multibillion-dollar adult industry.”

    Multibillion dollar industry? OK….

    “With a complete take-over of the extraordinary W Hollywood Hotel, the 2014 edition of XBIZ 360 is set to be the most all-encompassing trade show in adult industry history, culminating with the industry’s awards event of the year — the 2014 XBIZ Awards show, presented by Fleshlight and hosted by adult movie legend Jenna Jameson as master of ceremonies.”

    So the keynote speaker for this event is a gentleman by the name of Anthony Previte.
    He is the guy who is going to speak to the multibillion dollar industry.

    Anthony is the CEO of AdultFriendFinder. Let me explain to you who AdultFriendFinder is. Are you ready? OK.

    According to Tomlinson/Reuters data, AdultFriendFinder hasn’t turned a net profit since at least 2008.

    AdultFriendFinder filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January 2013.

    Do you guys understand that? This guy is in charge of a company with a negative net worth of 118 million, with 32 million cash on hand and 650 million in liabilities.

    So that’s AdultFriendFinder. They are delisted, or are in the process of being delisted from the stock market. they are a complete failure and haven’t turned a profit in years.

    And guess what? The boss of that company is your keynote speaker at the XBIZ 360 conference.

    Does XBIZ seek just seek out losers? Who’s the keynote speaker? Anthony Previte. Where’s he from? AdultFriendFinder. Aren’t they going out of business? Who else do they have? Jenna Jameson. The girl who ‘s fucked up and lost all her money and her kids.

    One lost a company and the other lost her kids.

    XBIZ really? The guy in charge of a bankrupt company? Really?

    From XBIZ:

    “FriendFinder Networks, with its diverse portfolio of dating and live cam sites which include powerhouse brands AdultFriendFinder.com and Cams.com, operates some of the Internet’s top-visited destinations which allow people the opportunity to establish connections for dating, romance and a wide variety of specialty encounters.”

    “FriendFinder Networks is the steward of one of the most well-known brands in the realm of adult entertainment: Penthouse, which publishes print and multimedia products as well as its brand licensing division, which counts among them a string of Penthouse branded gentlemen’s clubs.”

    “Groomed for several years to eventually lead FriendFinder Networks, Previte was tapped in 2008 as the entertainment conglomerate’s Chief Operating Officer, later climbing the ladder to company President in 2012.”

    So the great company that XBIZ just described hasn’t turned a profit in how long? Since 2008.

    So this guy is in charge of a company that hasn’t turned a profit the entire time he’s been there.

    Hey XBIZ! Could you possibly pick a more stellar cast of losers?

    XBIZ. Your industry source for failure.

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