Citizen Arrests Jenna Jameson For Battery

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BALBOA BEACH — Former adult film star Jenna Jameson was arrested for suspicion of battery for reportedly attacking someone at a Balboa Beach home, a police lieutenant said today.

Her alleged victim put Jameson under citizen’s arrest until police arrived at the residence, said Newport Beach police Lt. Evan Sailor. Police were dispatched to a home in the 100 block of 36th Street at about 7:50 p.m. Saturday, Sailor said. The medical condition of the victim was not immediately known. James was released from the Newport Beach Police Department jail on her own recognizance and given a date to appear in court, he said.


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Citizen Arrests Jenna Jameson For Battery

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  1. It is a shame that Jenna’s life has taken such a disastrous turn. Ten years or so ago she had $5 million in the bank and was set to live in retirement for the rest of her life, retiring before age 40. Now she has been arrested three times that I know of, got so heavy into the booze bottle that her face looks like a horror show and is now the butt of everyone’s jokes. A year ago I heard that she was behind on the payments for two very expensive cars (who finances cars when they supposedly have millions of dollars anyway and certainly someone as flush as she should be now doesn’t fall behind on loan payments). I may not have five million dollars in the bank but my cars are paid for, my house is paid for and although I don’t live a lavish lifestyle like Jenna is I am also not getting arrested every three months like Jenna has been lately. I understand one of those arrests charges stuck and Jenna either was found to be or plead guilty to DUI after a car accident. Such a shame, Jenna could have had a great life instead of sucking her down her money through a vodka bottle.

  2. Sad thing lots girls got in porn industry so they could be Jenna Jameson. Now you be hard press find any girl in porn indusrty want end up like Jenna Jameson. She all,s live above her pay check than bought in owen hype which cause her down fall. Jenna all had issues with drugs and alcohol. There used be old saying when ever she attend adult porn trade show that had alcohol be severed at if ever ran out alcohol she blame for drink show dry. One time I seen her at porn trade show she was so drug out she rambling incoherently all her fans. She would party so hard druning AVN trade shows that she notorious for not show up sighn at boths she was suppod to be sighn for next day call them tell she to hung over or strong to do so. Unfortunately for Jenna no has said no to her but Tito Ortiz even he got tire of job move on from Jenna.

  3. Dum Bitch needs to go to Jail for awhile and stop getting breaks like Lohan and clean her ass up. Republicain Cunt!!

  4. Some states have citizens arrest statutes that allow someone to arrest someone if he sees him commit a crime.

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