Exclusive Interview with Kendra Cole @KendraColeXXX

When did you get your start in porn?

I started way back in 2014, but I feel like I’m just coming into my own the last couple of years and cant wait to continue to grow as a person and as a performer!

Kendra Cole
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What was your first scene like?

It was fun! It was for Reality Kings in Florida, and I hadn’t really had much experience with tall fit men! I thought Tyler (my male talent) was so tall and tattooed and experienced! He had a nice car that we actually used in the shoot and I was just so excited and nervous!

My first scene was Street Blowjobs, so we went out and did some filming outside in public, then finished off at what I believe was Tyler’s apartment! It was all so exhilarating!

It’s not up on the RK website anymore but another scene I did for them back in 2014 is still up called Panties Down.


Do you have a favorite scene that you’ve done so far?

I love a lot of my scenes because I truly try to have fun with everyone!  Most recently I had an amazing time filming and anal fisting scene for Evil Angel! (Comming soon!) I love pushing my sexual limits and Zac Wild was such a fun partner to try this with! I love my recent anal scenes, like for Dogfart with Isiah Maxwell, a big anal scene in 2020. I’ve recently had the pleasure of having Mick Blue in my ass, Ramon Nomar, Alex Legend. I really just love performing and stretching my holes/body to its limit!

What’s your favorite position on camera and in your personal life?

I love doggy, and the one similar where you have one leg up and one leg back! They get so so deep with that position! Honestly, I love a good pile driver every so often!

A lot of the guys in porn are older. Does it ever bother you to work with older men?

Not at all. Experience comes with age. I find that the younger the guy is, the more they may be trying to prove something to themselves and the world, and they’re not as connected to the scene and the partner at the time. I feel like the longer you perform and the older you get, the more you’re into the connection in the scene with that person, making the most of that time and that scene.  I love someone a bit older than me. They make me feel comfortable and safe.

Kendra Cole
Photo Credit: Cherry Pimps

What’s the oldest guy you’ve been with and how old were you at the time?

Oh gosh, I honestly don’t even know. I’ve noticed since performing, I don’t ask or even worry about the person’s age unless they appear quite younger.  I know I’ve definitely had sex with several men in our around their 50s. Maybe 60s. Some appearing more youthful than others, and this would be in my twenties including now at 26. Age seems just a number after you turn 25 or so.

Do you have a celebrity crush? If so who it is?

I used to! Oh, boy was I in love with Chad Michael Murray and a few others! Recently I haven’t found myself severely crushing on any mainstream actors, but this may be because I’m more into the making of the movie and how they act their part, rather than them themselves. oh, you know what,

I thought the actor in Netflix 365 Days movie, Michele Morrone, was exceptionally sexy but the entire movie had huge sex appeal, Italian gangsters, mild kidnapping. I’ll add him to my celebrity crush list, along with his costar!

Do you have a fantasy that you would like to live out on camera?

Oh, so many! I’ve always been into bondage and fantasies. I LOVE kink.com it’s my go-to when I’m watching porn on my own time. I want to do gangbangs, I can’t wait to get DPd one of these days! I actually experienced my first DP with toys (that I didn’t perform on myself) in the upcoming Evil Angel Anal Fisting movie that I performed with Zac Wild.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

I love the outdoors. I take my dog everywhere so I am never without an adventure partner! Hiking trails, lakes, boating and fishing, waterfalls, oh and I grew up hunting and still travel home to hunt with family. When I’m not adventuring outdoors, I am a simple couch potato. I grew up in the midwest and we tend to love and live by TV shows and movies! I love watching movies with my dad, we even still manage to do that living far apart which I’m thankful for.

Kendra Cole
Photo Credit: Cherry Pimps

What do you look for in your personal life? Like what kind of guys are you into?

I haven’t hunted for a boyfriend in a while, but my recent ones seem to prove that I love a man with better hair than me (; I used to love a bad boy, but now I’m more into a calmer, goal-driven man. Suits not mandatory but damn sexy. I also love fitness so Id like my next man to either be into fitness or simply support my fitness goals!

What’s the perfect date night for you?

I’m honestly not big on going out to dinner, I never have been. I’d rather stay home and make it ourselves, while watching movies or funny videos, playing with the dogs, who knows. I do like to get dressed up and go random places sometimes though, so I’m up for different ideas!

Kendra Cole
Photo Credit: Cherry Pimps

Do you have any favorite TV shows or movies that you’re binging right now?

I’ve been watching all of the new Marvel shows, Invincible. I was very excited for Mulan and it did not disappoint, in my opinion.

What’s your favorite food?

Split between pasta and venison.

Is there anywhere in the world you haven’t been to yet that you would like to go to?

All of the places.

Spit or swallow?

ALWAYS swallow as long as the man is eating healthy and giving me a nice clean, tasty load! If it’s thick and chunky boys, you may need to change your habits!

Where can fans find and follow you?

I created a website with all of my links, KendraCole.com. But they can also follow me on Instagram at @kendracolexx and on Twitter at @KendraColeXXX.

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Exclusive Interview with Kendra Cole @KendraColeXXX

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