Exclusive Interview with AVN.com’s Peter Warren

Award season is my favorite time of year and I’m happy to say we got an exclusive interview with Peter Warren from AVN.com about the upcoming AVN Awards show!

Kelli: It’s the 35th annual AVN awards. So much has changed over the last 35 years. Do you remember what year your first AVN award show was?

Peter: Yes, it was 2005. I was already with AVN for the 2004 show, but I was sadly unable to go because my childhood best friend by some wild coincidence decided to get married the same day as that show.

Kelli: What do you remember the most about that first show you were at?

Peter: I mostly remember being overwhelmed by the enormity of it, but also being about as exhausted as I’ve ever felt in my entire life and just wanting it to be over.

Kelli: What do you think the biggest change is from that show to now?

Peter: There have been lots of changes since then, but the biggest is probably that the show is much, much tighter now. Not only are there fewer categories, but it’s become a really well-oiled machine that keeps moving and is stringently kept to a reasonable length. 

Kelli: As a girl, my favorite part of the AVN award show is totally the red carpet. I love to see all the pretty dresses. 🙂  How about you? What would you say your favorite part of the award show is?

Peter: I could DEFINITELY do without the headache of the red carpet, let me tell you, haha. From my standpoint, I always say the best thing about the show is just feeling the energy in the air and watching the pure exhilaration people experience when they win—especially when it’s who you wanted to win. You know you’re watching someone have one of the very best moments of their entire life, and there’s nothing like it.

Kelli: In all the time you’ve worked for AVN what would you say was the most memorable thing that happened at the awards show?

Peter: Well, that’s easy: Jenna Jameson making her infamous “I will never spread my legs in this industry again” comment. Talk about sucking the air out of a room. And I’ll always remember the night before that, I ran into her going into one of the hotel restaurants and she introduced me to Tito Ortiz and gushed about how thrilled she was that we’d named the mainstream crossover award after her. Well, as anyone who’s paid attention to that category knows, we took her name off it a couple years later.

Kelli: I know that each year AVN puts on a great show that many wished they could attend but for various reasons can’t and have to wait for the edited version to appear on Showtime. However, as streaming technology advances do you think there will ever be a time when the show will be live broadcast as it happens?

Peter: I think it would be awesome if that happened, but that’s not in my jurisdiction, so to speak.

Kelli: Although we all seem to have our own opinions about who should and shouldn’t win whatever award, who do you personally think is the most overlooked performer?

Peter: That’s hard to say. But I should probably keep my thoughts on that to myself—don’t want to show my cards.

Kelli: What movie do you personally think is going to kill it at the awards this year? Any front runners that really stand out to you at this time?

Peter: That’s also hard to say—a lot of the big contenders will be coming out over the next few weeks in order to make the eligibility deadline, so I haven’t seen them yet. I suppose I can say, because I reviewed it, that Brad Armstrong’s “Ethni•City” is going to be an interesting one to watch because it’s both a great feature and a great ethnic title. So we’ll see how that shakes out in nominations …

Thank you so much for speaking with me today Peter. You are amazing and I honestly can’t wait for the AVN Awards show this year!

The 2018 AVN Awards show will be on January 27, 2018 in Las Vegas. It’s being hosted this year by porn star Angelina White and web cam star Harli Lotts. We’ll find out who the nominees are sometime around Thanksgiving.

2018 AVN Awards Las Vegas

If you would like to attend the AVN awards show you can click here to get your tickets now.

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  • You can follow the AVN Awards on Twitter @avnawards 
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Exclusive Interview with AVN.com’s Peter Warren

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