Some Notes On Internext

The show seems to have reached it’s maturity and it runs well.The show floor is all but gone but the networking is where its at. Adult web people are interesting if you dont already know who is who you cant pick out the internet millionaires from the joe blows who just put up a vanity site for their girlfriend.

I had fun seeing old friends and talking business.

The coolest guy I met at the show…”Booble Bob” matter of fact all the Booble people are great guys…

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Some Notes On Internext

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  1. My theory is if the last person is negative than TJ was not forthcoming on the names or he does not know the name of the person who gave him HIV.

  2. This is another example of people not knowing the trivial details, therefore, not knowing the najor details. This whole story of HIV infected people cheating the system was bought up by people who dont even know the detail of the testing process. It is easy for a smart person to pass themsevles off as dumb, but it is virtually impossible for a dumb person to pass themselves off as smart, and that is exactly what happened here. You have people who make shit up, and because most people dont know the details about testing they go along with what sounds like a good story.

  3. EVERYONE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR: PLEASE READ in under the title: Test Dates and Accusations:Questions and Answers about the HIV+ Performer and Pass Protocols. It explains everything, and for once it all makes sense. PLEASE READ IT.

  4. @jilted

    Please using the following layman’s terms explain what the APTIMA HIV 1 reports so we all understand it.
    “antibody” that happens after body reacts
    “Virus particle” the actual virus, the stuff that makes body react
    Does it detect antibodies?
    Does it detect virus particles?
    Does it measure (count) virus particles if they are detected?

    What do the specific to APTIMA 1 HIIV results mean?

  5. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR PLEASE read in titled:Test Dates and Accusations:Questions and Answers about the HIV+ Performer and Pass Protocols Its the only article that has made any sense about the timeline You owe it to yourself to read it.

  6. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR PLEASE read in titled:Test Dates and Accusations:Questions and Answers about the HIV+ Performer and Pass Protocols Its the only article that has made any sense about the timeline You owe it to yourself to read it.

  7. @jilted –
    Is this in reference to my theory on cheating the system? If so, please explain how it’s impossible for it to work? I would love to know…

    If not, then what are you talking about?

  8. @jilted –
    “If anyone were to do what is being suggested here they would be commiting several felonies. It is illegal to not inform a person you put at risk that you have HIV.”

    Well, that sounds really nice and all, but if that happened EVERY time then this entire discussion would be pointless and the situation would be over…

    Bay/Rod/Daily would all know who infected them and TJ would know who infected him. Obviously, that’s not the case because people are human and they lie.

    Even so, TJ could notify a partner that he was HIV+, but that doesn’t force them to get tested. Or, test at an affiliated FSC clinic or test at ANY clinic for that matter…

    He notifies them if he pleases. What they do after that is their own personal choice.

  9. My reply was in reference to this in general, not you inparticular. The Kazoo started talking about this ridiculous theory a few months ago when Stagliano was the topic of the day. Here is why it wont happen.

    First and foremost, the industry does NOT use a ‘viral load'(aka quantitative) test, they use a qualitiative test. Your meds can bring your viral load down to a level that cannot be quantified, that is, the numbers are to low to accurately measure. The qualitative test the industry uses just looks for the presense of the virus, and the threshold for detecting just the presence of the virus is exremely, extremely, low.
    Second, when you get tested for HIV you must sign a legal form called a “Consent for HIV test” A doctor cannot order an HIV test unless the patient signs this waiver. About 98% of HIV Consent forms
    contain the question, “have you ever been diagnosed with, or tested postive for the hiv virus?” This is a legal document, and perjury applies.
    third, withholding a positve HIV status from a sexual partner is illegal, and providing an HIV result that says negative, even though you have been diagnosed with HIV is a seperate felony.

    In theory this sounds plausible, but when you know the actual details of the testing procedure, and the limitations of the particular tests, it just doesnt pass the laugh test.

    And I might add, that medical privacy is not an ABSOLUTE right. If a doctor feels that his patient is a danger to others he can take action and report it to authorities.

    In order to do this a person would have to commit several felonies. So,like I said, when you dont understand the small trivial things, you probably dont understand the major things either. but I will give the Kazoo credit, he sounds very convincing, and it is a good story, it just doenst hold up to the least bit of scrutiny.

    Didnt mean to appear to be addressing you personally, and it does look like that. This has been bought up in years past too. I give credit to the Kazoo, he sounds very convincing, and to people not well versed in the procedures, protocols, and limitations of these particlar tests I can easily see believing him. But to someone who is wel versed on these issue, well, the Kazoo’s schtick is more like a well rehearsed comedy routine.

  10. Ok, if they restart Monday which is not assured that would be 13 days since his positive test not the week you seem to be implying. While maybe not nearly long enough, it isn’t really off of the 14 day window by as much as you imply.

    “Allow me to remind you that if you got your industry news from XBiz or AVN all you would know is that someone tested positive a week ago and that you dont know what a fucking moratorium is….SMFH?”

    *** What’s your point? Rob Black leaked his name even earlier, does that mean everyone will be safer listening to just him? Look at all sources for info. Your blogs protocols for posting not being the same for everyone does not automatically make you “right” and them “wrong”. Is this “privacy” policy on their part a new thing to this story? Do they usually use names in very similar circumstances? If not then why does their explanation seem at all sketchy or disingenuous. Personally, I’m sure many appreciate you using his name. Focus on that, not how you don’t like how others handled it. Be honest though, it’s the same decision Rob Black made.

  11. This is me testing the new comments system. Do comments await approval know? I’m not seeing 1 show up.

  12. You make posts fairly often lauding your own actions. Just make the actions and we can see and judge. No need to tell us how popular the site is or how you protect everyone. People appreciate the site.

  13. @jilted
    No clue about kazoo and stagliano…
    Details..guy presents ‘not detected’ VL to dispel rumor he infected old GF. Refused antibody test & gave lawyer letter 50k to shut up, new GF lawyer calls cops, he court ordered to give blood. Victim services 8pm on a Thurs, you’ve been exposed to HIV with VL high enough to cause “grave” concern, we can get you into doc @9am and know something before end of business.

    He used his VL test from time in question with ex GF, he was taking meds at that time…stopped meds ..even took new GF on trip expecting her to search luggage and be reassured when she didn’t find anything…btw, he’s sitting in jail trying to plead down original and added charges when they molecularly linked the HIV he gave ex GF.

    Infectious disease doc explained ..goal of treatment not detected..his VL test detects down to 40 particles, at the time of that VL test meds that reduce the active virus did their job, when he stopped the virus did its job and replicated itself.

    You put it out there that this scenario couldn’t happen backing it with your expertise to dismiss the related in layman’s terms without confusing PCR, RNA, DNA, NAAT, Qualitative, quantitative, or any other fucking lab terminology, break it down for us simpletons who never worked in a LAB or CLINIC…

    Explain how the APTIMA HIV 1 test makes this an urban fucking myth!
    How someone couldn’t test positive for HIV1, walk into sunset, get treatment and show up later with non detectable HIV1

    Does it detect antibodies?
    Does it detect presence of active virus particles?
    Does it count active virus particles?
    What exactly do the APTIMA HIV 1 results mean?

  14. Then they should still contact PASS to protect the people that do. This isn’t a game. No one wins if someone had at-risk contact and is involved in the performer pool.

  15. @jilted –
    Thanks for clarification. Understood.
    But, here’s the thing… I listen to what Rob Black says with an open mind. I don’t take what he says as gospel or some shit. If he says something that makes sense or seems plausible then I look it up or research it own my own.

    With that said, I don’t really like naming names, but I’m almost positive Tricia was the one who issued a statement in regards to Stangliano’s undetectable viral load. I remember this only because I found it kind of odd that she made a statement on behalf of him. Nothing wrong with that, but I knew her and Stangliano were both HIV+ and it was something that interested me basically because I never knew it was possible.

    I totally understand your explanation of testing protocols, but we’re talking about the porn industry here who isn’t even regulated.
    The labs and clinics are regulated, but you know just as well as I do that with HIPPA laws there is only a small amount of information they can release.

    As far as the doctor alerting authorities, you are absolutely right. It’s the same exact principle as a psychiatrist involuntary admitting their patient to the psych. Ward if there is a chance they may harm themselves.

    But, How exactly would the doctor know if the patient was lying? Patient could very well give the doctor a list of 10 partners to contact.
    Oops. He left 2 off. How is the doctor supposed to know that?

  16. Lol noticed that too. Wondered if it was glitch cuz comments hanging w backspace and no cle how first comment relates to post

  17. @Lacey,
    How is the doctor to know? He cant, and that is the other major flaw that every doctor who deals with HIV has to live with. At least in this case the positve performer has been publicly outed, and the chances of an exposed person not knowing is greatly reduced, not eliminted, but reduced.

    I have also always taken issue with the term undetectable in regards to viral load testing of known infected people. I prefer the term unquantifiable.


    This is an interesting article relating to undetectable viral loads. It says here that people on the meds who have an undectable viral load in their blood often have a higher detectable level in their semen, and are more of a transmission risk than previously thought.
    Relating this to the idea that someone could fake their way into the industry: If someone did this, it probably wouldnt be long before they actaully infected somebody else, and eventually get found out. That being said, I still find that scenario very far fetched.

  19. The Top Ten Most Irrelevant Peopl In Porn
    1. Bill Margold
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    10. The “Kazoo” Rob Black

  20. Unquantifiable would be a easier term for non medical people to relate to and may have prevented a ton of drama for my friend. She hopes he pleads out & once she gets last two tests, can really put the whole ugly experience away vs being dragged along for a trial delayed till ?

    I totally get wanting to out the asshole…(even if everyone in the circle knows who it is) seems more important to out the assholes behavior than the name…even to make public statement that test came up positive..lets everyone who COULD have been affected know its time to find out if they were affected. The problem with outing the asshole is all the collateral damage, like outing her name too, she’s negative and has a chance to really put this away, vs there always being questions ..weren’t you the one, prove you aren’t …by bigoted people who aren’t having sex with her and have no right to ask.

    Not trying to pick on you, very frustrated to know the nightmare we are still living through when some selfish asshole egomaniac decided his wish for unprotected sex mattered more than his partners right to know… Bottom line if you ask someone to trust trustworthy.

  21. “If you ask someone to trust you,,be trustworthy”
    Well said Lurk and unfortuantely this is exactly why the porn industry is in the shape its in. As a
    well known democratic nominee for president once said, “A fish rots from the head down,” and in the case of the porn industry that would be the FSC. How can anyone trust the trustworthiness of someone like Dianne Duke. Everyone in the industr should ask themselves this question, Do you trust Dianne Duke?

  22. I agree that as long as it remained undetectable, even with the higher semen levels the probability of transmission is still very low, problem is if treatment becomes less effective..undetectable is now detectable…people working with this guy during the window period had the right to know and didn’t. They didn’t get to make an informed choice, nor did they get opportunity to weigh their activity since their last test to determine if they were risking the undetectable getting something from them.

  23. I can trust Duke to do what she does, she is a very effective and persuasive spokesperson for her organization. I question whether that organization actually believes what they say while they do what they do.

  24. Kind of sounds like you trust Dianne Duke to lie. There is one thing that the porn industry fears more than anything else, and that is the truth. So yes, I guess you can trust that Dianne Duke will do whatever is necessary to keep the truth a secret, after all, that is what she gets paid for.

  25. Nobody really posts at LIB any more. The person in charge pretty much killed that site between boring puff piece stories and militant deleting of comments (last time I got one deleted I decided why bother posting there?). They get like 2-4 comments a week now if they are lucky.

  26. I read it. Makes sense… I’ll give TJ the benefit of the doubt, but I would still be fucking pissed if I was the girl or he tried to book a scene with me..

    But, those are the risks you take I guess? She got REALLY lucky on this one. The other girls and guys weren’t so lucky though…. hopefully, no news is good news. But,it’s almost Thursday and no word yet?

    Why can’t they just let performers go get tested and go back to work? What exactly is everyone waiting for? I still don’t understand that one?

  27. @jilted

    Feeling like you did a Brooke to me…stuck me in ignore corner lol…no secret how I see FSC/stakeholder activities.

  28. @lacey

    Read that tests after December 5th would be good, wasn’t sure if that was silent nod to film or encouragement that forking out cash for test today wouldn’t be a waste with them setting a new test cut off date.

  29. All they have to do is go get tested. It doesn’t really matter who has been infected or who hasn’t. Or, who’s been notified and who hasn’t… they’ll find out their HIV status when they go get tested.

    If people want to blindly believe in the system currently in place then trust it. It worked. That’s all that really needs to be said.. the currently infected will be eliminated and business will go on as usual.

    This isn’t a game, but the testing system is and some win and some lose. There are people in the talent pool everyday that could be a risk. Today is no different than any other day…

  30. @lurking

    If you are able to state that then you can state that she is knowingly going against what the average-thinking person would consider to be safe to get paid for advertising an organization. Right? Where I come from those kind of people are known as “shit-bags”. Why not just come out and say it? 🙂

  31. I think she was calling her a “shit-bag,” but in a very nice way… you know, the passive aggressive complimentary sort of way:

    “She’s such a fucking shit-bag that she is an expert at being a shit-bag. I expect nothing less..”

    It’s a compliment and an insult at the same time… maybe a “coinsult” or “compinsult?” 😀

  32. Not sure I’d say I trust her to outright lie…I expect and trust her to put the best possible light on any given situation or issue facing the organization she represents.

    I think if she were repping a tire trade org she would use most favorable reports, studies and info available too. She wouldn’t be staying stuff like …we know we have shoddy subcontractors and expect the tire we sold you was going to blow out. She would give data to prove that road hazards vs shoddy subcontractors cause blow outs. Back of the house I’d expect she was firing some sub contractors and ripping a few asses but in public always the best view. That’s what every organization does, no matter what the potential liability, it is their job to protect shareholders or members.

    No way to know if she likes her paycheck or the job she does to assume she is personally lying or doing organizational spin. Is it her party line or the company line? Either way the talking points make me question the organization.

  33. “infected will be eliminated”?? By “eliminated” do you mean not able to have sex for a job anymore because to me that sounds like the prudent course not some evil or inhumane action.

  34. Yeah, doesn’t that seem like the prudent and wise move? You make it sound inhumane. Not hiring someone to have sex ain’t exactly evil.

  35. I don’t want to defend FSC, but let’s not shoot the messenger. They should just add the stanza “everyone WE WERE TOLD OF has been notified and retested”. It’s up to TJ to be forthright and give the names. They’re not going to interrogate him. He certainly could have forgotten a casual encounter or two, but you certainly haven’t forgotten who you banged on a set in the last three weeks. No one is working that much that you can’t recall your scenes. It’s possible, but it’s not probable. Next if you’ve had sex with this man, I really don’t know why you would need FSC to tell you in the first place. You know it, go test it. But let’s not sit around and insinuate (as some have on social media) that FSC was given 12 names and they only chose to contact 6 of them. If TJ told them about you and they have a means of contacting you (think of the escorting claims here? these, if the claims are true, are private individuals. they’re not in a porn rolodex in the FSC office) then what motive would they have for not contacting you? Instead of spending so much time on FSC’s “emergency procedures”, the discussion should REALLY be focused on what can be done to prevent (or significantly diminish anyway) the emergency from happening in the first damn place.

  36. @Troll,
    The FSC/PASS does not notify anybody about anything. The doctor who ordered the test that came back positive does the partner notification. The FSC press releases kind of make it sound like they are doing the notification, but they do NOT.
    It would be very interestng to get Dianne Duke on the record and ask here where she gets the information about people being notified and tested, but of course she will NEVER answer this question.

  37. If a performer came forward now and said he/she was a first generation contact who had not been notified what do you think would happen to that persons career? For a ‘lowly’ performer to come out and prove Diann Duke was lying would certainly mean the end of their working days in the industry.

    Then again, if there really is this huge rift between LATATA and FSC over control of the industry, this wuuld be a perfect opportunity for LATATA to stick it to the FSC. Certainly any agent who booked anyone to work with TJ is aware of their performers exposure. Hell, LATATA could just get any performer to say they were exposed, and the FSC would never be able to prove otherwise.

  38. Completely agree on every level. But, it’s all in the wording and the FSC are masters at wording things to make them sound safe. But, the fact is they don’t have that much power.

    Saying all first generations have been notified is irresponsible at best and a lie at worst.

    The FSC isn’t even suppose to know his name!

    What can be done about avoiding the emergency? I have no idea? But, I don’t really understand the purpose of a moratorium in the first place?

    1. Performer tests positive for HIV+.
    2. FSC alerts talent and tells them to go get tested immediately.
    3. Once talent has a current clean test then they can go back to work.
    4. All positives will, hopefully, be caught by testing and eliminated from talent pool.

    I don’t get what’s so hard about people understanding this and needing a name? Or, needing to be notified? Or, freaking out when someone tests positive? They make it sound so safe when it’s 100x more dangerous than having sex with someone you meet at the gym. That’s just common sense or so I thought???

  39. What can be done to avoid a futute emergency? How about a condom? It isnt 100% foolproof, but it is certainly better than nothing.

    FOOLPROOF=showing your ignorance by believing that not using a condom is safer than using one. Nina Harley is a perfect example of foolproof.

  40. I do not know the answer to this, i will do some research, but will taking the meds get youa negative result on the regular Elisa/Western Blot test?

  41. The person who gave poor,ole TJ Hiv, was BigSuggarDaddy Britches, Look it doesn’t matter Danny Wylde who gave TJ the HIV, He knew what he was doing and had done after the fact with all the testing BS, he did and ,man I just hope he didn’t get anybody else infected and it all comes back NEGATIVE. Lesson to this story, Boys and Girls of the porno world, Is it worth putting bi sexual and crossover guys like Xander, seth, and TJ, Christian shit stainxxx, and other HIV potential?

    Go over to twitter and ask any of those girls, if its worth it and the chance.
    Its called Suicide..and they don’t have $5,000 a month for the rest of their lives.

  42. Are you sure about Danny Wylde? He supposedly “retired” quite a while ago… That’s also quite a strong accusation. Just saying… I’ve always liked him.

    Xander is already doing crossover work… That was fast?

  43. @jilted
    Per the infectious disease doc…EIA/WB measure antibodies that form once body fights the organism being tested…once the body fights and these antibodies are present, to a chronic condition, immunization or passing such as measles, flu whatever…antibodies always there. They use specific tests to look for specific antibodies.

    When he got to reagents, antigens and stuff like that my eyes kinda rolled…

  44. @Ricco

    “other HIV potential?” Wouldn’t that include ANYONE who has unprotected sex?

    Do you ever buy one lottery ticket hoping to win…I do…sometimes that’s all it takes.

  45. That is because the tube sites are fucking up manGeek and they can’t afford to find anymore,
    stupid people around the Porn industry to work for them. They all ran away.

  46. Hey did you all know that Billy margold was a Juevenile?? Detention officer with the county of LA
    and used to play with little boys. I wonder why he was kind of funny,like he likes men.
    Does that happen after you’ve done porn and don’t like girls anymore?

  47. Oh, and the answer to CET’s question is because some in the industry realize that the moratorium is rather pointless. The risks are exactly the same right now as they were a week ago. Maybe even slightly safer depending on how you look at it…

  48. “Please tell me how this is any different than defying the moratorium?”

    You see NO difference between a 14-day test window vs. a 7,8,9 day test window? Your trying to say there is no difference when in reality there is a difference. It’s just that the FSC’s way isn’t perfect either, but to non-optimal solutions are not equal just because both are not perfect.

  49. “we help them get it done”

    You wrote that whole section in a way that makes it sound like you aren’t pushing for mandate.

    What do you mean? If he got it on set there would have to be another positive person, right?

  50. Yes, due to their HIV+ status working the sex industry has become unfeasible. “won’t be able/allowed to work anymore” is another way. Maybe, I was reading into “eliminated” too much.

  51. @erik2690

    Are the condom only gay productions not adult films and part of industry? And folks wonder why there is such mean nasty divisive discriminatory talk about fellow performers….hmmm

  52. @erik2690
    Due to medical concerns I’ve chosen another direction…due to pressing family/personal obligations…you got the idea. Happens everyday in every industry….lots nicer than…my lifestyle bit my ass hard…and/or spouse/partner is throwing my ass to the curb for giving present they didn’t appreciate

  53. @jilted
    Duke probably calls the facility that notified her there was a risk…to follow up and ensure risk is contained. Doc doesn’t release name, just risk and that they have begun notifications expect to have Em done by…then either doc or FSC makes a call to Check that part of process off.

  54. @jilted

    Yeah, but Nina is a nurse. I’m sure there are records kept by the state of California that can prove that which are easy to search by simply going to the state website and typing in her real name. I trust her so I haven’t tried it. Even if she isn’t currently active everyone renews licenses because of all of the hard work they put towards them. That information should be there too.

    Therefore, Nina knows best. She’s a nurse after all. We’re just ignorant by thinking condoms in porn are safer.

  55. I wonder if Nurse Nina wore gloves when working with patients? Nina is not now a nurse, she was many years ago.

  56. @jilted

    In what state? It appears as though she has a license under more than one last name in a certain field. Why renew the lesser one and not the major one? Also, it looks like another license lapsed so even lapsed licenses appear. Not a nursing one though.

    Of course she didn’t wear gloves. Washing her hands when she enters a room can soften the hands and the friction from the latex can break the skin open. Everyone knows that. There is no scientific evidence to show that wearing rubber gloves are safer.

  57. Is xbiz writing or editing FSC announcements? Dec 5th vs 6th typo for day moratorium called on xbiz is correct as Dec 6th on FSC/pass site…

  58. I’m not talking about some kind of official statement. I’m talking about the “act” of eliminating infected people from the talent pool.

    Not a press release.

  59. Excluded…when they got outed….when they disappeared into sunset (with or without press release) 🙂

  60. Could you imagine “I will be leaving the porn industry because I have not been invited back.”

    Oh, what happens when they don’t get “outed?” I guess that would be when they “disappear?” They never seem to issue press releases for “disappearances?” Hmmm…. :-p

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