What kind of content not to post

Almost overnight porn stars have gone from performers to content creators and while some of you have been doing it for a while, it’s not something almost all performers are having to do to make ends meet during the shutdown.

The problem is, some performers are not aware that there are some things they shouldn’t be doing. I’ve written a guide to help you understand what to do, but I think it’s important to go over some of the points here, specifically the type of content you need to avoid.

Kelli's #free Guide to Making Money During the QuarantineCredit card companies have a list of words you can’t use and this means you also shouldn’t be producing content that includes any of these words. I mean obviously you shouldn’t be posting content with anyone that is under 18, but did you know you also can’t produce content, pretending to be underage?

Rape, Raped, Rapable, R-a-p-e, Rapeable, Raper, Rapes, Raping, Rapist, Reipu, Rpae,
Force, Forceable, Forceful, forcefully, Forcer, Forces, Forcible, Forcing, Forcingly,
Forced, Piss, Pissing, Pee, Peeing, Defication, Pedo, Peto, Pre-teen, Pedophile, Child
like, Childhood, Childlike, Children, Infancy, Infant, Infant like, Infanthood, Infantlike,
Infants, Minor, Paedophile, Paedophilia, Paedophiliac, Pedofile, Pedophiliac, Peta,
Petafile, Petaphile, Preteen, Seventeen, Sixteen, Under age, Under aged, Under-age,
Underaged, Young teen, Young teens, lolicon, 6teen, 7teen, Incest, Incestuous, Incestus, Brother, Dad, Daddies, Daddy, Daughter, Father, Sister, Son, Law enforcement, Mama, Mammi, Mammy, Mom, Mother, Animal, Bestiality, Underage, Child,
Kid, Kids, Lolita, Zoo, Scat, Jail bait, Young+Teen, Tied, Hammered, Chains, Crime,
Abduct, Abducted, Abduction, Asleep, Sleep, Sleeping, Sleeps, Slept, Nap, Dream,
Kidnap, Kidnaped, Kidnaper, Kidnaping, Kidnapped, Kidnapping, Murder, Murdered,
Murderer, Murdering, Murders, Violate, Violated, Violates, Violating, Violation, Violence, Violent, Asphyxia, Asphyxiate, Asphyxiated, Asphyxiates, Asphyxiating, Asphyxiation, Gagged, Tentacles, Tenicles, Tentacle, Tenticles, Alien, Animals, Barn,
Beast, Farm, Monster, Illegal, Counterfeit, Pharm, Pharmacy, Prescription, Family,
Poo, Hate, Loaded, Puke, Puked, Pukes, Puking, Vomit, Vomited, Vomiting, Vomits,
Wake, Gamble, Gambling, Escort, Golden showers, Urine, Watersports, Gun, Knife,
Sword, Hypno, Hypnosis, Hypnotised, Hypnotism, Hypnotize, Hypnotized, Hypnotizes, Hypnotizing, Pass out, Passed out, Passing out, Sedate, Sedated, Sedately,
Sedateness, Sedates, Sedating, Sedation, Unconscious, Unconsciousness, Unwilling,
Unwillingly, Unwillingness, Incest, Molest, Molestation, Molested, Molester, Molesting, Molests, Celebrity, Enema, Blood, Bled, Bleed, Bleeding, Bleeds, Chloroformed,
Chloroform, Chloro, Chloroformic, Chloroforming, Chloroformism, Chloroforms,
Brutality, Brutal, Brutalisation, Brutalization, Brutalize, Brutalized, Brutalizes, Brutalizing, Brutally, Mutilation, Mutilating, Mutilator, Mutilate, Mutilated, Mutilates, Scatophilia, Tipsy, Drink, Beer, Drunk, Drunken, Drunkenly, Drunkenness, Liqor, Liquor,
Vodka, Wasted, Drug, Drugs, Drugged, Drugging, Intoxicate, Intoxicated, Intoxicating, Intoxication, Incapacitated, Pedophilia, Necrophilia, Bestiality, Zoophile, Zoophilic, Torture, Spank, Spanking, Suffocate


In addition to the obvious subjects, you should avoid such as rape, children, even pretending to rape someone or be underage – there is also the issue of public nudity. Yes even pretending to be under 18 or pretending to rape someone or pretending to blackmail someone can land you in jail!!

Anyway back to public nudity — Almost every community prohibits public nudity. Filming in public places could not only get you arrested but in many cases, it also requires that if caught, you will be required to register as a sex offender – sometimes for ten years, sometimes for life.

Do not have sex or film yourself in sexual situations in public. Just trust me on this — avoid doing this. Yes, this also includes filming yourself urinating in a public place. I mean it should be obvious that this kind of thing would be a bad idea, but I’ve seen people do it before so let me just say now, avoid doing it at all costs. Seriously. It’s a really bad idea.


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What kind of content not to post

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