I think it’s time we talk about Ron Jeremy

Today we are going to talk about the 200-pound gorilla in the room. Or I guess it would be more accurate to say, the 200-pound hedgehog.

This is a 64-year-old man that has been in the industry for some 40 odd years. In 2009, the free speech coalition awarded Ron Jeremy the Positive Image Award, despite the fact that for years people have been complaining about him including multiple times that very year they gave him the award.

Only now that the mainstream media has outed Ron Jeremy’s sexual assaults, does the Free Speech Coalition take a stand and take back his “Positive Image Award”.

Because Ron Jeremy has been around so long, back even during the times of John Holmes and Traci Lords he gets a lot of attention in the media and fans flock to see him.

Those behind the scenes, however, think of  Ron Jeremy more like a trained monkey. For years his actual contribution to moviemaking has been almost nothing. I mean let’s be real, even he will admit he’s not the best looking man, so not a lot of companies were lining up to cast him in scenes with hot, young stars.

But show organizers quickly realized that his name still had some power and it would draw a crowd at events and the more fans they could get in the door, the more money they could charge advertisers.

So they would pay him to show up to these events and for at least the first 10 or 20 years the fans wanted what some refer to as the Ron Jeremy experience. Men would even bring their wives to be groped by the legend. It was like a novelty act – but instead of paying Santa to sit on his lap and get your picture taken, you would get groped by Ron Jeremy.

Only times changed and nobody told Ron Jeremy. He was like a monkey, doing what he thought he was paid to do – see a fan, grab her boob, take a pic, move on.

Only the show organizers forgot to retrain their little monkey and teach him that young ladies today don’t want to be grouped by some dirty old man.

If anyone else were to do what Ron Jeremy did they would have gotten bitch slapped or even worse, possibly even arrested for sexual assault.

But Ron Jeremy was this oddity and nobody really knew what to do with him. He was this creepy old guy that everyone felt sorry for.

Everyone who has been in the industry for more than 5 minutes knew what Ron Jeremy was up to but nobody did anything about it. It was always just “Oh that’s just Ron“. It’s hard to explain why so many people turned a blind eye, but they did.

Now that the truth is out there, we are faced with the question, did he mean to be a sexual predator or was he just the trained monkey that didn’t know better?

Here’s a picture that Diana Lynn Nelson posted on Facebook, letting others in a thread about Ron Jeremy know what happened to her.  “He did that to me while me and my husband were posing for a photo it was awful”.

Diana Lynn Nelson with Ron Jeremy

She went on to say, “I never shared them till this has come out about him some people think it’s ok because of who he is it’s even grosser because of who he is . I felt so violated and wish I I done something at the time I tweeted the pics all over and haven’t gotten any response and I even sent them to Ron.”

I would like to think Ron Jeremy just didn’t know better, that he spent so much of his life being paid to be the pervy gross guy, the oddity at the freak show, that as times changed he stayed the same.

But then when you hear things like this, you have to say enough is enough. This guy clearly has problems and we can’t turn a blind eye to his antics anymore.

Sadly the female who posted this wasn’t joking. According to her, he actually pooped in her friend’s shower and left. I can’t even wrap my mind around what kind of person would do something like that.

Mike Jones was one of the few who has spoken about the problem for years, but his complaints fell on deaf ears.


A man who goes by the name JP Campbell chimes in and says “Do we really want to live in a world where Ron Jeremy Cant pull out a pornstars boob at a PORN show?

And maybe that is the problem. Some people don’t get that there’s no world that exists where touching a female without her consent is okay — It doesn’t matter if she’s a porn star, a housewife, a waitress or a business executive.

Maybe far more people should watch this video.


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I think it’s time we talk about Ron Jeremy

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14 Responses

  1. Thank you, Kelli! Who *doesn’t* have a Ron Jeremy horror story? I’ve only worked with him once on an ad shoot, and he was a nightmare. Narcoleptic kleptomaniac groper (he stole silverware from every place we ate or drank at and fell asleep all the time) but I didn’t get a red-alert predatory vibe. More like a yellow caution sign. Thanks again for bringing this up so we can discuss.

  2. Not any more…

    You can make any claim that you were groped and you are instantly convicted by public opinion and the press. I’m sure many if not most of the famous people in the news for rape, molesting, and groping did it but probably not all. Life long careers are being ruined with 0 evidence.

    Its becoming like the Salem Witch Trials or the Satanic cults operating out of day cares across the US back in the 80s.

  3. I have an idea (although it might not be legal). Why not have some ugly, meth addicted, homeless, smelly woman (it has to be an utter skank for this to have any chance of working) grab Ron Jeremy’s penis and testicles then start groping/fondling them. Ron might then get how people feel when they are sexually assaulted in such a manner, get the message and stop sexually assaulting women. It will take an ugly, skanky chick to do it, he would probably actually enjoy being groped by an attractive woman and wouldn’t get the message.

  4. Trained monkey theme is just bullshit. He is an adult with a college education & intelligent person who makes his own decisions. Trained monkey means that he didn’t have any choice or wasn’t smart enough to know better. You are giving him an out, an excuse for his bad actions.
    He knew exactly what he was doing. It isn’t a character or roll he plays when countless women have come forward saying he assaulted them in private situations too.
    As for the others who Claimed if women were groped but it didn’t happen because you didn’t report it, thus it never happened. LMAO

    There are thousands of pictures, videos & testimony from women going back DECADES. You say this crap to create a hostile environment that enabled this stuff & keeps women from coming forward. Telling them being assaulted is apart of the job & how dare they be offended is disgusting.
    You are telling women to take it & shut up. You are the problem & enablers.
    You further marginalize all these woman based upon their looks. Declaring someone not of value based upon their careers or looks which is sexist. The hostility towards women with those remarks is apparent & horrible.

  5. Karma Fan, Salem witch trials are correct. Men calling all women who testify about rape & sexual assault called liars and witches . Then hung in public for coming forward.
    Aren’t you convicting a few hundred of women who have forward about Ron Jeremy all liars? You are taking the word of ONE man over a few hundred women.
    How many women coming forward with pics, videos of these assaults would it take to convince you they are telling the truth?
    What if the industry told him to do that with all the male fans in the name of equality? He must reach in and pull out every guys dick to sign his autograph like he does boobs. Then give it a little lick on the head like he does nipples. All because he says it is apart of his character that he plays for the industry.

  6. I’m sure Ron really did All the stuff folks say he did. I was more talking about the famous male celebrities in trouble right now. Iif they have pictures and videos of male celebrities groping and molesting females then that is another story. It just seems that as soon as a male celebrity’s name is mentioned his career is now over even if there is no evidence other then the alledged victim’s word that it happened.

    You watch the next thing will be Musician’s and them foldling or sleeping with fans after rock concerts and such.

  7. How many victims do you need to come forward for them to be believed? YET you take the word of one man.
    When 5 to 300 in some cases come forward and show a pattern over decades. Weinstien’s lawyer who also worked for the NY Times apologized for helping that guy get away with this shit. Admitted to helping Weinstien hire ex-mossad agents to dig up dirty & destroy these women’s careers. That agency with ex-mossad agents apologize too.
    Maybe we should STOP assuming that ALL WOMEN are lying.
    The NOT all men are doing this, but there is STILL the assumption that ALL Women who come forward are lying. Men want the benefit of a doubt, but don’t give us one. Isn’t that sexism right there?

  8. Sam:

    1) Those women were not hung in public, they were hanged in public.

    2) Your statements “Maybe we should STOP assuming that ALL WOMEN are lying”and “there is STILL the assumption that ALL Women who come forward are lying” are nonsensical and logically fallacious. Can you point to anyone in the public sphere who claims that ALL WOMEN are lying about rape.

    As for this assumption that you present (in passive voice, naturally) who exactly believes that all women are lying.

    Certainly many people believe that women do sometimes lie about rape. You know why? Because just in the past coupe of years we have seen case after case after case.

    Lastly (and this is my favorite), you write:

    “Men want the benefit of a doubt, but don’t give us one. Isn’t that sexism right there?”


    First, if there’s anything sexist here it’s your generalization of men.

    Second, it’s not that men want the benefit of the doubt, it’s that MEN and WOMEN all have the RIGHT to be presumed innocent.

    Third, you state “Salem witch trials are correct. Men calling all women who testify about rape & sexual assault called liars and witches.” 1) the actual witch trials were repugnant, but your characterization is a distortion of them; 2) NO ONE IS CALLING ALL WOMEN LIARS; and 3) ironically, the only person in the entire Weinstein scandal who publicly has been referred to as a witch is Rose McGowan, who says it of herself.

  9. Well, actually Rose McGowan did play one on Charmed. Such a great show. Sorry just had to point that out. She wasn’t just a witch, she was a bad ass witch! Such a great show. 😛

  10. I’m a former performer (almost ten years, although not all of it on the LA circuit… I did webcam, LA porn, Miami porn, content shoots, a wide variety of on camera sex, a very small number of “privates” but that wasn’t for me).

    I hung out with Ron many times. He did not seem to be all there as a person (which is also true of some of the other veterans, even the good ones – they’re dissociated, in a persona – Nina Hartley comes to mind). I watched him creep on girls, all girls everywhere: meth addict strip club waitresses with no teeth, newbie porn girls, obese convention goers. He was an equal opportunity fuck. One time he fell asleep at a party and a bunch of women who were apparently strippers (but who did not look like the sort of women anyone would pay to get naked, no offense) ground all over him and took selfies while he was passed out. So I doubt being groped by ugly girls would have mattered to him.

    He could talk intelligently about certain topics but it was almost like turning on a switch. He gave good interviews, was good on stage, but when you talk to him person to person he’s just not there. He also seemed very sad. I walked with him outside once and he broke out his autobiography and showed me the pictures. This is me with some 80s porn stars. This is me on the set of Orgasmo. This is me sucking my own dick.

    Ron’s friends were other porno creepsters – this one “producer” who threw swingers parties but didn’t actually make films, James Bartolet, etc. I thought of all these men as harmless, but I knew how to say no and I was used to having to enforce my boundaries. I guess I saw men being forward as normal – I kind of assumed all men want sex all the time and it’s my responsibility to keep myself safe. I was very much in the “all men are dogs” mindset. Maybe that’s fucked up training, but it was how I lived during my sex work tour. Go to a convention, every other fan is going to try to cop a feel in a photo if you don’t prevent it. Some girls invite it. I knew how to keep it from happening. In the gonzo days, the crew would often try to get in on the action – some girls were into it, some girls weren’t. You also had a lot of really marginal lifestyles at the margins of the business, so you had girls who would suck dick for a pizza or a ride hanging around and so camera guys/agency drivers/etc were used to being able to get that sort of thing. I can’t say I liked Ron. I found him an annoyance. But I think there is more at work than just “Ron is a sexual predator” – he was, like the article says, supported in this behavior.

  11. The show is a guilty pleasure of mine. And I’m fairly certain that she was making a reference to the show when she dropped that line about being a witch. And she’s a very brave and tough young lady.

  12. I have to admit Ron Jeremy’s autobiography was pretty good. Of course he made himself look either too good or innocent in every circumstance. He talked about why he sucked his dick in so many movies. He talked about the Feds cracking down and staking him out so successfully without his knowledge. He did bring up wanting to marry Tanya Lawson, I always wanted to know what went on between them two. For those of you who don’t know mid 80’s porn, Tanya filmed a good amount of scenes, some of them pretty decent with our resident Hedgehog. You could tell back then they probably were a couple. Anyway, she was living with him(I think) and one day she decided her tour of porn duty was up. While she was packing her things Ron the Wand asked her to marry him. She just laughed and stated plainly “you’re not the marrying type” and left for good. Brutal and good call Ms. Lawson.
    You’d think a guy with a 9″ cock who’s screwed hundreds of chicks on film would have his own self awareness down pat. He claimed in his book that even Hugh Hefner said about the prospects dating his daughter “never, not in a million years” and RJ claims this was very hurtful..He just doesn’t understand why. Yeah Hedgehog, women don’t want to marry a guy that’s almost certainly going to remain active in the porn industry forevermore.
    Me? Would I have done anything different than Ron Hyatt?

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