Talent Testing Does Not Accept ID’s Without an Expiration Date

When you get an ID from most states, it comes with an expiration date. That’s not the case with some of the older state ids from Arizona.

I’m unsure if any other states did this in the past but know if your state-issued identification does not have an expiration date, it is no longer accepted as valid ID from Talent Testing Service. Someone told me that older Oklahoma state ID’s don’t have an expiration but their driver’s license does. That may be the situation in Arizona. All I can say for sure is check your id. If it doesn’t have an expiration date, you need to get a new one.

It’s my understanding that when the RealID federal law passed, Arizona started adding expiration dates to be compliant, but any of those issued prior to that change doesn’t have the expiration and as a result, aren’t acceptable for travel in airports or for use at Talent Testing.

We spoke to someone at Talent Testing to confirm this policy and they tell us it has more to do with remaining HIPPA compliant than anything to do with the new federal RealID law.

Talent Testing has always been at the forefront of compliance and testing protocols so we want to commend them for once against setting the standard in ensuring our safety and well being.


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Talent Testing Does Not Accept ID’s Without an Expiration Date

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