Performers Take a Stand Against HIV Infected in Talent Pool

Are we too politically correct for our own good? Are we opening ourselves up to serious lethal infections including HIV and super gonorrhea that can’t be cured by antibiotics?

The answer is yes.

On October 18th Karmen Karma made a series of tweets.


There is a major outbreak right now and some people seem not to care about spreading it if they can make a little money. It’s disgusting and selfish. I will be taking a few weeks off from all content and shoots until everyone can get their act together.

Talent: Just because someone has a clean test doesn’t mean shit right now. There is an outbreak and people are catching a disease within the first day of their test and then continuing to work the rest of the test period after knowing they’ve been exposed. It’s sickening.”

Katrina Jade supported Karma Karma (as did others) and retweeted what she had said and then made her own tweets where she called out the FSC.

There have been a lot of problems & loopholes that talents have figured out how to continue working around their exposure to infections and infectious diseases.

Performers knowing they have been exposed but continued working anyways with a “clean” test / Testing right away after exposure before they have a high count so their test comes back clean / Medicating through their test but working at the same time still spreading it and putting others at risk.

Testing positive and not telling their partners, which all continues the same cycle …

If you are exposed you shouldn’t continue performing, but there are tons of people that are doing it anyways. This is well known & there haven’t been any consequences for these actions.

Due to the high amount of exposures and positive tests as a result of selfishness, complete irresponsibility and neglect in the talent pool, I am taking a few weeks break off from shooting.

If you would like to shoot I will only take a brand new test for select talents and companies.

What does the FSC do? Claim they will look into it and thank Katrina Jade for bringing this to their attention.

But did they really even hear what was being said? Obviously not.

“We recently received some inquiries from performers about whether there might be any increased incidence of STIs in PASS, so we looked into it. — FSC”

No FSC, that isn’t what performers were saying. That is isn’t even close. In fact, they said the exact opposite saying that performers are finding ways to bypass the PASS system. WTF man? How could you seriously have gotten the message so wrong?

Could it be because they don’t want to address the real problem and that is that they (the FSC) has a long-standing policy of not really giving a shit about performers? The Free Speech Coalition has always had a long-standing policy of being in support of the studios, NOT the talent.

Case in point, Nikki Benz claims she was brutally abused on set. The FSC’s attorney (Karen Tynan) doesn’t help Nikki Benz, they actually represent the man who abused her.

A female performer a few years ago was on a set at where her braces got stuck on the male performer’s penis and there was some bleeding. There were a few other issues on the set that day including the fact that Kink allowed (according to legal docs) a non-tested civilian who was there supposedly just to watch the scene, jump right in and join them. The female performer contracted HIV. There were more than a few witnesses to said events that day on the set. The FSC didn’t help this person at all. In fact, the lawyer who also works for the FSC fought to defend the studio NOT the performer.

But wait it gets better … the performer branch of the Free Speech Coalition (APAC) provides a list of “approved” attornies of which they include Nadar “Nick” Zargarpour, who you might recall is  Trinity St. Clair’s attorney of record, who in the past, has sent at least two different performers to her lawyer’s office (another lawyer she uses sometimes) to pay for her legal bill with sex. Yep, you heard me right Trinity St. Clair made these two girls have sex with her lawyer to pay off her legal bill.

Trinity St. Clair has a long and storied history of atrocious abuses that this article can’t possibly cover. But let’s just say if she’s done some shady shit with her lawyer before why wouldn’t this be happening again? And here the FSC is, promoting Trinity St. Clair’s lawyer someone they not only recommend but give their personal seal of approval.

I could go on but I think you get my point about where the FSC really stands on caring about porn stars. If they truly cared they wouldn’t be allowing FSC lawyers to support cases against their abusers. But time and time again that isn’t the case.


On Halloween night the owner of arguably the largest transsexual porn company in the industry made a tweet. His only concern seems to be about the person working with other trans models but the reality is, this person is also working with non-trans models as well and that means yes EVIL ANGEL – that means we know this person has worked on your set more than once.

Angela White recently did a movie with a transsexual for Evil Angel and so did Adriana Chechik, Ember Snow, and Lily Ford, just to name a few.

We are not saying these people did anything wrong. What we are saying is, this is how easily the talent pool gets tainted.


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Performers Take a Stand Against HIV Infected in Talent Pool

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