OnlyFans now requires current ID for content, even if the content is old #confirmed

There has been much speculation lately about OnlyFans new requirements for IDs of people in your content.

Hello, thank you for the question. In-date ID and model release form shows the agreement of a participant to post content with them on our platform today and their age when content was made. We are not the US based platform. You can find our Terms of Service here

To clarify they require a valid ID proving the person was not only 18 at the time the content was made but you must also have a valid copy of their ID today when you post the content. So if their ID has expired, you are quite simply SOL.

Even if your content is in compliance with US federal regulations – they say it doesn’t matter, as they are not a US-based company.

In addition to that, a model must now sign a new and separate release form specific to onlyfans stating that the party in question knows and approves the content will be posted on OnlyFans and the person in question must also have an OnlyFans account.

  1. has consented to the Co-Authored Content in which he or she appears being posted on OnlyFans.
  2. In addition to the confirmations in section 11(a) above, you agree that if you upload Co-Authored Content where the other person or people appearing in the Content can be identified from the Content, you will tag the OnlyFans account(s) of any person or people appearing in the Co-Authored Content who can be identified from it.
  3. You must not upload any Content containing any image, photo, video, or audio of anyone else other than or addition to you unless such person is also a Creator on OnlyFans.

This is an exact screenshot of their TOS as of June 6, 2021. You will notice it doesn’t specify the age thing that their support stated however it does clearly state you can’t post content without a specific OnlyFans release and the person must have an OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans TOS as of June 9, 2021

Now I want to be clear … OnlyFans has taken the stance that they are not a US-based company so US laws are irrelevant to them. These are their rules and you can either comply or cease using their services.

This means that if you post a video with you and someone you did trade with and that girl  (or boy) doesn’t have OnlyFans, you just violated their rules and they could take your account and not pay you past earnings.


The rules for what is acceptable could change on a dime as they did here and then you are suddenly in violation.


685624cookie-checkOnlyFans now requires current ID for content, even if the content is old #confirmed

OnlyFans now requires current ID for content, even if the content is old #confirmed

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