Markus Dupree On Set Abuse Exposed

I know many other authors here at this site wanted to write this story but I asked them if I could because these are the type of stories that I feel like we must get out there. Let’s just say, I’m passionate about the subject.

We should have heard about this story a year ago. Why didn’t we? Because people were scared to speak up. Especially since a few who have come forward were caught lying and as a result were shunned or blacklisted. It tainted the #MeToo movement and genuinely hurt the real victims.

I found quote by director Mike Quasar. I can’t believe there is actually something I agree with him on, but his words are strong and ring true. And his tweet conveys an important message we all need right now.

Within every social movement there are cases of opportunism & dishonesty, but these should not negate the legitimacy of those genuinely aggrieved. Translation: Rational people know who is full of shit and who isn’t. Never fear being blacklisted for standing up for your boundaries.

Katrina Jade revealed that she had an unpleasant incident on set with male performer Markus Dupree. But she wasn’t the only one. So did August Ames, Brett Rossi, Nicole Aniston, and Jade Nile. There are others willing to talk, but they don’t want to reveal their names. Why? Because they fear the backlash. They don’t want to get blacklisted. They know that if they dare speak up they face the real consequences of not getting booked ever again by companies that he’s popular with.

So what exactly is the problem? Well, what it comes down to is, when a person has limits and discusses those hard limits with you in advance and you violate those limits, you just committed a crime, you just sexually assaulted your partner. It doesn’t matter why you did it or that others looked on or even recorded it. YOU SEXUALLY ASSAULTED YOUR SCENE PARTNER. She had limits, you were aware of those limits and you decided to do what the heck you wanted anyway because you are a self entitled dick.

I myself have worked with Markus. I have shot some of my most intense scenes with him. He has crossed my boundaries before by slapping me in the face which most of my partners know is a HUGE NO for me. I knew I was okay, and it didn’t set my back, I continued. I could take it.

My director stopped and asked me multiple times if I was okay because he even remembered that’s a big no for me, and I really was okay. But what if I wasn’t okay? What if it did set me back into a PTSD episode?Then what? It shouldn’t be that way.

Crossing boundaries is not acceptable, taking advantage of girls isn’t acceptable. It shouldn’t be accepted nor tolerated for the sake of a “good scene”.

Brett Rossi has her own Markus Durpee story.

He crossed my boundaries. He’s been on my no list since.I tell every scene partner my HARD NO before each scene. I told him.He did it anyways.Then had the audacity to say to me “well why didn’t you tell me to stop?”Well why can you be a professional & follow people’s boundaries?

This happened years ago…i didn’t tell him to stop during the scene because I could handle it. It’s just he should have listened to my boundaries and my hard NO. I’ve tried to get over it but every time we have a scene booked together, I’ve canceled because I’m terrified of him.

The only person I ever told was my agent (OCMODELING) and Michael because I don’t believe he’s a bad person, I just believe he isn’t as “pro” as everyone says he is. A “pro” respects their scene partners boundaries.

This isn’t a new problem. It’s just something we have avoided talking about at all costs. Years and years ago, during the filming of the Vivid movie Emperor, news broke that Janine had given Rocco Siffredi a black eye. Everyone was just so scandalized that she would do something like that. But you know why she did it?

Because in the previous scene Rocco Siffredi crossed the line with Tawny Roberts. He choked her. He hurt her. The abuse was so bad he flat out made her cry and yet the cameras kept rolling.

It was clear nobody on the production end of things gave a shit about poor Tawny Roberts. But you know who did? Janine Lindemulder. And when it came time for her scene with Rocco, she gave him a little of his own medicine. She punched the fucker in his face and gave him a black eye.

Speaking of Rocco Siffredi, it was he who took Markus Dupree under his wing and taught him everything he knew. (His words not mine)

This entire conversation began by Kevin Moore tweeting out text messages from August Ames about an incident she had on set with Markus Dupree. He was rough with her, too rough, and those who were in control and could have done something about it at the time did nothing.

August Ames is now dead so we can’t go back and make this better for her. We can’t say we are sorry that she had to go through this. We can’t tell her that we are going to make it better and stop men from doing this again in the future – because she’s dead. She can’t hear us. We can’t ease her pain.

August Ames RIP

But we can work together to stop it from happening to anyone else.

Let’s call it the producers pledge. Any producer who books talent should agree in advance to these terms so that any performer they work with will feel safe enough to take the booking in the first place.

  1. Prior to doing a scene when the performers say these are my hard limits, RESPECT THEM!
  2. Any performer who violates a scene partners hard limits should be publicly outed and that way others can immediately put that person on their no list. Watch how fast that stops people from doing it.
  3. End end of scene interviews. Forcing a girl to tell you she loved it just to get paid is cruel and unusual punishment. It’s beyond disrespectful that the producer allowed the abuse to take place int he first place but then by forcing her to say on camera that she was okay with it or she won’t get paid is a new level of fucked up.

What are hard limits? Hard limits are those things that a person flat out does not want you to do to them during a scene. ie: Come in their eye, slap them in the face, put your dick in their ear. Hard limits can be anything you don’t want. Anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Soft limits are things that you are not comfortable with but that if you HAVE to do them, please be respectful and don’t do it a lot.

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Markus Dupree On Set Abuse Exposed

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  1. Not trying to shame the victim here but why didn’t some of these girls get up and walk off the set? This shit goes on and on and these mopes get away with it because hardly anyone steps up and says NO.

  2. It is called money, Karma. These girls may not have had the money for their rent and utilities if they didn’t complete the scene — especially the noobs.

  3. Lena Paul posted a huge thread of posts on her twitter today talking about these types of situations and how she plans on handling it on her sets. Should be required reading for all performers.

  4. Bridgette B is married to Markus. I imagine it’s 1 of those greencard marriages. In a bts for she said “he cums in a matter of seconds” at home.

  5. @pashio2003 It’s not a Brazzers scene. The scene in question has never been released. The scene Brazzers is talking about in that tweet is simply saying because she just died we are going to respect her passing and not release the scene we have of her until a later time. The scene where this took place has never scene the light of day.

  6. Dupree will continue to be hired and plenty of girls – veterans and newbies alike – will continue to work with him.

    Nothing changes in porn.

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