Is it Finally #TimesUp for Markus Dupree?

Female performer Ana Rose has just come out as yet another woman who was assaulted by well-known male talent Markus Dupree. She’s in company with other women who’ve already claimed abuse by him including August Ames, Brett Rossi, and Katrina Jade among many others, some of which have and others who haven’t come public with their stories. Rose’s experience draws a similar picture to what the others have described, which in short, is Dupree listening to his co-talent’s no-list prior to the scene but then when it begins apparently forgetting (?) everything they told him not to do and doing it as well as being unnecessarily rough.


“my agent told everyone i can’t do vaginal sex during my ANAL scene.. everyone agreed. i got on set, told the male talent again.. he agreed. i’m going to be out for atleast 2 months now and the pain i’m in is excruciating. oh and my parents took my off their insurance today 🙂 yay”


Ana writes in her original tweet that she was scheduled to do an anal scene with Dupree and had confirmed with her agent Hussie Models before the shoot that the scene would only have anal penetration (NO VAGINAL) since she had a pre-existing cyst and didn’t want to agitate it more. She also stated that when she got on set the production crew as well as Dupree himself agreed that the scene would only be anal as well. So even though the boundaries were established and recognized by all parties involved (both performers: Rose and Dupree, Rose’s agent Hussie Models, and the production crew) her no-list failed to be followed on multiple occasions.


As a result of Markus ignoring her wishes to not be penetrated vaginally, her small cyst which she had swelled her her vagina up, so much that she says she can’t even see the opening. For those who don’t know, these cysts (known as Batholin’s cysts) start out as harmless however if they are agitated they can easily be infected which leads to symptoms like Ana’s. The cysts form from fluid which normally lubricates the vagina becoming backed up in the gland, if the fluid becomes infected (like hers had) it will turn into an abscesses. The infection is caused by bacteria (such as E. coli most likely in this case, but also can include but is not limited to STDs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea) getting into the gland. For serious Batholin’s abscesses they have to be surgically drained, which like Rose said, would put her out of work for a while. The practice of anal to vaginal sex is already a risk a performer is taking (and certainly not all those who do anal do anal to vagina) so if a talent doesn’t want to do it (even if she doesn’t have a cyst) it’s a normal request.


“this is embarrassing to post but idk how to explain what happened without having these pics to show. i had a SMALL cyst, normal vagina, everything was fine, just didn’t want bc if a cyst pops it’s NOT good (& SO painful). before and after the scene:


Rose adds to images of her vagina from before and after the scene her original tweet to show the damage that Dupree did by not obeying her requests which angers more fans and performers alike, many asking the same question: Why is Markus Dupree still working after having so many assault complaints? He now even has his own site which is mostly all anal (save for one scene showcasing his 18 year-old girlfriend Autumn Falls). Since Ana Rose already shot her debut anal scene for Tushy (with Dupree) which has been released we wonder if this shoot that caused her injury is possibly for his own site? And if so, under the pretenses that is is, he is not only the male talent for the scene but the director as well…meaning that he’s making all the “creative” calls for the films as well as performing all the shots he calls. The company who shot this scene definitely holds accountability since the crew continued to let Rose’s no-list be ignored throughout the scene which is why if it’s for Dupree’s own site is in question. Since they shot together for Tushy and if Rose had had an issue with him then she wouldn’t have agreed to a second shoot with him (and hopefully put him on her no list) but since the environment might’ve been more controlled since Dupree wasn’t the director there things could’ve gone different but when he is in charge of the scene he obviously does whatever he needs to “get the shot”. Either way, him blatantly disrespecting boundaries whether it be on his set or not is never okay and hopefully he will finally be held accountable for all the women he’s hurt.


This reoccurring theme of male talents disagreeing their female counterparts is only continuing to worsen in on-set and off-set inexcusable behavior from these “male performers”, how many more girls getting hurt does it take for companies (and other girls in the cases of scumbags who own their own sites and content trades) to stop working with these abusive talents?

APAG has responded to Ana Rose’s original tweet stating that they are already in contact with her and have dealt legally with cases such as this before. No updates on this as of now.


479712cookie-checkIs it Finally #TimesUp for Markus Dupree?

Is it Finally #TimesUp for Markus Dupree?

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16 Responses

  1. Why is the director not being named . Wouldnt the director put a stop to it the moment of first penetration. ? If not isn’t the director culpable too

  2. Ana Rose did not name the company she was shooting for, only the talent. As of right now, we have no idea who the scene was for so to rightly name a director/company backed up by facts is impossible. If you thoroughly read the article, I do bring up the crew’s responsibility to this also regarding the possibility it was for Markus’s own site. Hopefully we will all find out soon enough.

  3. Assuming this is true (and that pussy looks horrible after what was done to it) Markus needs to be brought up on forcible rape charges and sent to San Quentin and its nightly bubba rape sessions for life. Ana should also be allowed to have Markus “Singapore” caned for the full 24 strokes and he then denied any medical treatment so he is in unbearable pain while sitting in a solitary cell until he dies from infection or heals and if he does heal then he needs to be raped up the ass and down the throat himself by “five bubba clubs” nightly for the rest of his natural life! Thanks to Markus we just lost another female performer — now he can go fuck off and hopefully get AIDS.

  4. From what we’ve been able to find, the girl had a cyst on her vagina and called her agent to cancel the scene. The agent assured her it would be fine since it was anal and convinced her to go forward with the scene. He then supposedly contacted the producer which may or may not be Dupree himself, and told them that the girls scene is anal only, no vagina.

    The girl showed up on set and again confirmed anal only. Once the scene started Markus decided that anal wasn’t enough, pulled out and stuck it in her pussy.

    This caused the cyst to burst and the bacteria either from going ass to pussy or just from the sweat or semen secretions caused it to get infected and turned into a staph infection.

    The problem is, besides the obvious pain involved for the girl, is that once it gets lanced she’ll have an open wound to tend to for at least the next few weeks, or possibly up to a month. That means she can’t work. Will the producer and/or Dupree compensate her for the time she will be missing from work?

    This is a clear case for worker’s comp insurance that the low budget production should have had but didn’t.

    Now a lawyer is involved and as a result, this will have to play out in civil court.

  5. She will be lucky if it is just a staph infection. I have those several times a year on my ass and thighs, they hurt like hell and one put me in the hospital for three days and required conscious sedation to drain and clean out, another sent me to the ER (A&E for our British readers and reporters) for emergency surgery on an outpatient basis. My internal medicine doctor (equivalent to a GP for British readers) has also lanced several more in her office. Those hurt bad enough but I can’t even imagine what this girl’s pussy felt like with that much swelling and infection inside of it (I have to assume pussies are just as sensitive to pain as dicks), I think I ran across something saying her parents took her off of their health insurance as well. She can get Obamacare or Medicaid if she acts within 60 days of her parents removal of her from their health insurance but the bills she has already accrued are still on her unless her income is low enough (here in Michigan that is usually 200% of poverty or about $24,000 per year) for the hospital’s charity program.

    I also will note that I wonder if this will render her pussy non-fuckable for the rest of her life. At least with me, staph infections leave a scar and an area that remains hard and inflexible from the resulting scar tissue. I would also have to guess from the picture that a catheter had to be forcibly inserted as her pussy appears to be swelled shut to the point where urination would be impossible. I feel horrible for Ana and what happened to her. I hope Markus faces rape charges for this along with at least a charge of assault with intent to commit great bodily harm due to depraved indifference. Since he knew about the infection I wonder if attempted involuntary manslaughter would stick in a court of law.

  6. Matthew Harris – I’m guessing you also suffer from lymphedema in your legs, correct?

    This cockroach had accusations against him in the past yet there’s no shortage of girls willing to shoot with him. This latest accusation won’t change that fact. Just like all the rest before it, this incident is going to be a topic of conversation only until the next accusation against a performer comes along. It’s business as usual in the porn industry.

  7. BevMo, I do not have lymphedema. I don’t know what that has to do with staph infections, boils or abscesses but maybe you can enlighten the Mike South readership. I assure you that my lymph nodes are fine and any edema in my legs isn’t from those (yes, I can Google something I am not familiar with, something you should try sometime). Lymphedema is caused from lymph node cancer and the resulting treatment, to my knowledge I have never had cancer (something I wouldn’t even wish on you, BevMo the TV man).

    Before you go any further, BevMo, I have also never had a staph infection of the cock. Maybe you need one, though.

  8. I will add that if Sekhmet has any additional information, I would encourage her to submit an article for publication herself. I thank her for commenting here and note that at least in my opinion, two reporters take on a situation is actually a good thing and should be encouraged as long as it is appropriate for publication. I also wonder if Kelli would have anything to add considering this is likely the first time any girl has ended up with a severely infected pussy in this industry. Bartholin Cysts are not uncommon (there was even one featured in Hot Girls Wanted) but to have one rupture internally and cause a pussy to swell up like this has to be rare in adult film. Certainly I have never seen or heard of this happening before. I wish Ana well and hope she at least isn’t permanently scarred from Markus “Rapist” Dupree’s actions. I also hope she can get her health insurance sorted and receive necessary counseling to deal with the aftermath of her rape. I hope all producers, agents and performers now put Markus the Rapist on their “NO FUCKING WAY” lists. That motherfucker deserves to be bounced from porn and hopefully goes to San Quentin for decades to come. Ana also needs to contact the police in whatever jurisdiction this took place in.

  9. It wont be the last you all hear of him.
    Soon this will be like a porn talents death.
    Loss of shock value.

  10. She should not have even done the anal scene. Of Course Riley Reynolds is involved.

  11. Maybe I missed something in this sea of allegations, but why are there no charges being pressed by the alleged victim?

  12. Adria Rae, who was in the shoot with Ana and Dupree, stated that before the scene started Ana only said she didn’t want to do as much vaginal but she didn’t say no vaginal.
    I really don’t like dupree but If Adria is telling the truth this incident might truly be a horrible miscommunication.

  13. 1) Why would a third party be witness to what an agent said to the male performer and/or producer prior to a shoot?

    2) Adria Rae is friends with him so why wouldn’t she lie for her friend? She is well known for lying, So why wouldn’t she do it now?

    3) Adria Rae is a female and spoke out against another female who was seriously physically injured on set. WTF is wrong with that pyscho? Shame on her! She should be standing up, trying to help another female who had an actual physcial injury.

  14. lol if I eva sexually assault a bitch like md did I hope the police do what xbiz did and interview my friend as a witness

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