Is ManyVids having money problems?

We got an interesting email. It was from a producer who sold 30 videos yesterday and 20 the day before. But this guy won’t be paid for those sales. His account was deactivated and was told that he wouldn’t be paid the money they owe him.

Did he have 2257 and model releases? That was my first question when we got this email. Turns out he does. He’s actually a legit producer who has been making movies int he adult industry for more than a decade.

ManyVids has been having issues for a while now, including posting videos from producers without model releases or even valid IDs.

So why now would they close an account of a guy who did have model releases and IDs?

Are they having money troubles?

We spoke with the guy this happened to and the only thing he can come up with is maybe they didn’t like something he tweeted. But I couldn’t imagine that was the case. I mean they are willing to post simulated child porn, movies without model releases or valid IDs, yet they’ll close an account because they didn’t like something a guy tweeted? Really?

The whole thing seems odd. We reached out to ManyVids for comment, without any luck.

ManyVids recently announced the release of a live service, to compete with companies like MyFreecams and Streamate.

We can’t figure out why they would refuse to pay a legit producer money they earned selling content on their platform. A producer who wasn’t selling simulated child porn or faux incest and had all of his paperwork in order.

All I can say is be careful about doing business with them. If they are going to start closing accounts for saying things they didn’t like on Twitter and then keeping all their money, well that’s just nothing short of f*upped.



527110cookie-checkIs ManyVids having money problems?

Is ManyVids having money problems?

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  1. Interesting. I was just doing some research on their new live service. From what I can tell their live feed is not 2257 compliance not everyone on the cam needs to have ID submitted only the model running the account.

  2. The way manyvids keeps doing shit like this, they are going to bring down federal regulation on all of us.

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