It’s all fun and games until someone dies

Jessica Drake’s twitter is noticeably quiet today. A big contrast to yesterday where she tweeted up hate about August Ames which then caused several of her fans to do the same.

Jessica Drake may not have called August Ames out by name but she knew damn well what she was doing and she knew she had a voice and that many others would follow her lead, and retweet the message to August Ames to spread the hate and she also knew her fans would jump on the bandwagon of hate spewing. She can’t say she didn’t know better. She’s an adult who loves to spout about how intelligent is. So she can’t play stupid now.

To be honest, I sit here at my computer wishing that every state had the same laws that Texas does, at least in regards to cyberbullying because in Texas each of those bullies who attacked Agust Ames yesterday would today be facing jail time under the strict anti-cyberbullying laws. In some cases, they can be found complacent in their death and have to spend years in jail. Want to see why? Just look at this tweet from Jaxton Wheeler.

Not too long ago @arya_fae tweeted to Bella Rose that she better not show up at AVN or else.

When I spoke out against how she was being treated, people told me I was being overly dramatic. I pointed out that this kind of behavior has been going on in the industry for years and is now only getting worse. Nobody wanted to listen. Now, look where we are.

Ashley Sinclair perfectly summed up what I was trying to say about the tweets to Bella Rose.

When Lana Rhoades had her now infamous breakdown at this year’s Nightmoves awards show, people — many people, made jokes on Twitter, snide little remarks about falling into Tampa Bay, a reference to what happened to Lana Rhoades that night.

Everyone fucking laughed each time — except me, because I knew just how much those little digs at Lana Rhoades actually hurt her feelings. It wasn’t just one tweet either, it went on for weeks on end. Here are just some of those tweets …

Yes, you’ll see Mike Quasar was in on the fun too. Now today he’s speaking out against this kind of behavior in regards to August Ames. #smh

Why was it okay harass and bully Lana Rhoades but now suddenly it’s not okay when it comes to August Ames? Umm sorry but that isn’t how this works.

Making jokes at other people’s expense isn’t okay.

Yesterday I spent my day helping a porn star get out of her contract with a shitty agent who was charging her more in fees than he was actually making her in bookings, then helping another file a report with the state against an agent who was abusive, then writing an angry post here on this blog  about how fucked up people are for bullying others. Then after writing it I had not only one, but two different people tell me how stupid I was and that I’m just being overly dramatic (in regards to my anti-bullying post).

Then when I think my day is over and about to go to bed I get a phone call that truly broke my heart.  A performer of which I can’t name needed my help. Her “manager” did a number on her, and while I can’t go into any details right now because there is a pending criminal investigation, I will say that I went to bed with a heavy heart at some of the crazy antics going on in the adult industry right now.

But even as bad as yesterday way I never in a million years expected to wake up to a phone call with news that August Ames hung herself. My mind flashed to her husband Kevin Moore and how hard this must be for him. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what he must be going through.

I started to write this post probably 10 different times today. I truly struggled with it and even more so when the rest of the industry found out the news of her passing because then everyone started bombarding me with questions and then I honestly just needed a break to take it all in and to cry for the loss of her life.

Then I got angry again when Jessica Drake’s husband, Brad Armstrong tweeted a message – a long message in defense of his wife. What pissed me off is how she isn’t willing to own up to her mistakes and then said this … “If Jessica was to take her tonight ALL OF YOU would be to blame. Feel better now?

Is he seriously trying to gain sympathy for this horrible person? REALLY?! #facepalm

He went on to say that what people are doing to her is far worse than anything Jessica Drake tweeted to August Ames yesterday as if somehow that makes what that vile person did better. Nothing will ever make what Jessica Drake did okay. August Ames is dead. Nothing will ever change that and in part, even if it wasn’t what she intended to do, Jessica Drake played a part in the cyberbullying.

“I can’t sit back and let people who don’t even know Jessica attack her for what would under any other circumstance, be an innocent opinion tweets.”

So that really shows me that Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake really still don’t get what she did was wrong.

I’ve said it before but clearly need to say it again — You have every right to your own views, but again getting offended by her decision about who she wants to have sex with doesn’t trump her right to free speech and her right to decide what she wants to do with her own body.

Does Brad Armstrong really expect us to believe that Jessica Drake didn’t know what she was tweeting or that as a result of her tweeting what she did her fans wouldn’t go after August Ames as well? Bullshit. She knew damn well what she was doing.

Anyway, I guess what I’m getting at is I’m just angry and upset and horrified to think August Ames actually hung herself. I’m angry at the horrible way people treat each other. I’m angry at the stupid bullshit that goes on every single day in this industry and how many times we turn a blind eye to it.

But in the end, I know that nothing I can do or say will ever bring August Ames back. Nothing anyone can do or say will ever bring her back. All we can really do now is hope that her death will teach us all to be more careful about what we say to others.


196620cookie-checkIt’s all fun and games until someone dies

It’s all fun and games until someone dies

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  1. Jessica posted a long thread today on twitter making sure everyone knows she was not involved in August’s death.

  2. How other people chose to use this platform is their business. I choose to use it in a positive way, which includes helping to spread the news about thieves, bullies and abusive members of our industry so that other girls won’t fall victim as well.

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