Don’t change your banking details on @OnlyFans unless you *HAVE* to #error

Nothing surprises me anymore but I’m hearing today there is yet another OnlyFans problem.

This time it is with your bank details. And this problem could prevent you from getting paid.

Some girls are reporting a problem with trying to withdraw money. What I’m being told is that when a girl goes in to change their banking details there is some sort of error, not allowing them to complete the setup.

This means you’ve now removed your old bank details to add your new one, and you can’t complete the setup so therefore you won’t get paid at all until they find a fix for this situation.

I wouldn’t have reported this had three different girls not reported having the problem with their account. So it’s not a one-off fluke as it’s happened to more than one girl now, two are from the US, one is from Canada.

One girl got a response from OnlyFans support that says “we’ll send an update when this is fixed. Thank’s for your patience.”

She asked how long, no response.

So long story short, do not try and change your banking details when requesting a payout unless you absolutely have to.

If you try and it fails, you’ll have no way to get paid by OnlyFans until they get around to fixing whatever the bug is. Could be a day. Could be a week. Could be a month. Could be 3 months.

Don’t risk it unless you have to.



697991cookie-checkDon’t change your banking details on @OnlyFans unless you *HAVE* to #error

Don’t change your banking details on @OnlyFans unless you *HAVE* to #error

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