Kaiser Soze Sends me A Top Ten List

In honor of the porn girls who are “writing a book” (Isn’t that all of them?)

Kaiser Soze sends me this hilarious and rather insensitive top ten list:

For all the porn chicks would like to write a book.
This may be the first time in history that someone has written a book without reading one.

Top 10 list of topics covered in the typical porn girl’s book:

How to sprill you’re porn name.
It’s okay for your tits to be 1/3 your total body weight.
My favorite books, and how to color inside the lines.
It’s okay to be drunk and stupid on TMZ.
I was in the movie Pirates. There wasn’t any pie or rats in the movie. How dum is that?
Why people think I am a life-size bobblehead doll.
Not qualified for a real job? Get naked!
Like Pinocchio, I hope to one day be a real live girl.
I don’t use my brain because I might need it when I get older.
Porn is better than Hooters because you don’t have to work the fryer.

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Kaiser Soze Sends me A Top Ten List

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