Your problem Mikey

Goddess Writes:

Sounds like you and A Dell broke up.

Muad’Dib Writes:

Your problem Mikey, is that you suffer from the affliction most men do when it comes to chicks. You think they are motivated altruistically and that their intentions are honest. Guys learn that from their mothers.

The truth is that the motivations are more likely manipulative, women learn that from their mothers.

Damn dude, there’s so much truth in that…..

Why Jennifer James is Not A Director:

I have been in this biz many years as both Director and Performer. I have worked in mainstream in both capacities, though more as crew than as a Director.

The number one rule for a Director is that you never ever ever let talent run your shoot.

By now you probably know the story, Jennifer invited Gram Ponante and Luke Ford to cover her shoot, Kurt Lockwood had issues with both and after an altercation with Ponante Gram was asked by James to leave, as was Luke Ford.

James says that talent is too hard to replace.


She could have had a replacement there in an hour or less everyone in porn has had to replace a performer at the last minute. But instead of maintaining control of her set she let Kurt Lockwood run it. Proving she is NOT a Director, at best she is simply there to make suggestions.

Now Kurt sees his behaviour as acceptable and Jennifer James is spending days defending her actions, actions my ass, she rolled over. Guess what Jennifer…you think this wont happen again? Yer an idiot if you do.

When I invite guests to a set they are my guests and if talent has a problem with that thy can suck it up and do their job or they can go the fuck home.

When Ii am the Director that fucking set is mine and its my way or the fucking highway, I will never be run over by cast or crew. And the thing is my cast and crew always have fun and love working with me….go figure.

It’s called professionalism Jennifer, try it sometime maybe you too can be a real Director someday….At least that’s the way I see it.

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Your problem Mikey

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