Whip out 101 for Bloggers

I love it when the new kids come to town. They do something like buy a site because they never could get anything going on their own.  they think that because the site has a low Alexa Rank that it must be good, then the proceed to play whip out, or try.

As any seasoned webmaster will tell you the Alexa rank is largely meaningless, particularly to an adult site.  It is very easily manipulated and more importantly meaningless.

What really counts are 2 things, your google page rank and the quality and relevance of the traffic you get.

Anyone who buys a site based on Alexa is an idiot, server logs and page clicks on outgoing links are the only thing that matters, that’s what is converted to money.

There is reason why when someone like Kayden writes for me, she gets approached to write for Penthouse and others.

Its the quality, not the quantity.

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Whip out 101 for Bloggers

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