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Bottom line is .. agents need us more then we need them . but they’re inflated egos don’t let them see this .. regardless if they’re in LA or Montreal .. an agent is the same … they take advantage of the models pulling a persentage off them and off the client .. not doing what they should be, like looking after the models welfare, keeping them clean, making sure they shower, smell nice. Prepare them for they’re shoot and make sure they are on time .. I gotta tell ya I’ve never seen an agent that covered all those points.

in all honesty they’re bigger Scum bags then we are .. and We are called pornographers!

Get your girls in Check! . So many times has a model casually slipped me her number, or sent me a myspace/facebook message asking for work ..

My favorite such event was a few years back, when Lanny barbie signed with vivid . she called me in the night to tell me her news and asked me to book her before the news broke. I did just that and booked her for 2 solid weeks. In front of me she called her agent after I told her I need to figure out his cut.. To tell him to FUCK off, he will not see a red cent from the shoots with me, Cus when she asked him to book her, he told her there was nothing out there. Naturally he had just cashed in a nice commission check from Vivid for doing Natha

Don’t get me started on Agents .. lol

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VV Writes:

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