TVShooter Writes:

TVShooter Writes:

“So what’s going on here? this isn’t a government subsidized hospital with patients that don’t pay why are they price gouging?”

Cause there’s 2 price lists-one for the insured,one for the un-insured.And the ones on list 1 are footing the bill for those on list 2.

All those un-insured people….the ones that can afford cell phones, cable, internet, blackberries, dinner out, vacations…..but can’t afford health insurance…have to have their bill paid for by someone.

If Joe has no insurance,yet hits the emergency room, he can NOT be turned away. His expenses are absorbed into the hospital’s budget. His drugs, supplies, room and stuff are free to him, all he has to do is put up with calls from collection agencies-something he’s probably used to anyway.

Then here comes ole Mike South….and his insurance policy. Well,the hospital’s gotta pay for Joe’s care somehow, so Mike’s got a policy, we’ll add Joe’s costs onto what we charge ole Mikey.

It’s not price gouging-it’s the adage ‘from each according to his ability, to those according to their need”….Joe needed it, Mike had it therefore Joe-the hospital-take from Mike.

Who the hell you think “subsidizes” the gov’t hospital? Joe?Nope- Mike South’s insurance company and the people that actually pay income taxes. That’s the top 25% of American taxpayers.

If you want to reduce health care costs in America do one simple thing-eliminate employer paid health care.
I pay my own heath insurance,$98 a month.I could get less if I want,which would cover only catastrophic instances (which is what insurance is supposed to be). If you can’t pay 600 a year for medical coverage,you are a drain on society.
Stop going to the doctor for every little thing. Every time you get a tummy ache, don’t call the doctor. Quit abusing your body and self inflicting your health problems.Stop smoking.
Health insurance is NOT for everyday sickness, it’s for serious things that can kill you,or disable you, like Mike’s surgery.It’s not because you have a hang-nail.
Grow up and accept that YOUR medical care is not MY responsibility. It’s yours.
Or move to Canada and let them pay for it.Of course your tax rate there is 51%….but you can get that cancerous tumor removed within a couple years or so for free.
You get what you pay for.Except in your case Mike,Joe got what you paid for.


TVShooter is right on several counts, your healthcare is not my responsibility being the foremost. He is also correct that a government subsidized hospital cant turn away anyone. But the hospital I was in is private and it can and will turn you away. When you are in an accident if you are not concious they do whats called a wallet biopsy on you. if you have an insurance card you go to the nearest hospital period, if not you go to the nearest government subsidized hospital.

Before my surgery I asked what if I had not had insurance. i was told that I would have to have put up a cash deposit of 25% of the estimated hospital expenses, in my ccase that would have been about 12,000.00. If not Id have had to have my surgery at Dekalb General Hospital.

He is also off on the cost of insurance….Im sure he has what he says at the price he says but he is about half my age…when he hits 50…he is in for a shock.

Goddess Writtes:

When my sister went to the ER for a fall, they charged her $40 for a Tylenol….and it wasn’t even the damn codiene kind.BTW, supplies are EVERYTHING from the tissues at your bedside to your water pitcher, gowns, sheets, anything they use while caring for you like gloves, blah blah blah. all overpriced supplies. This is what Ii consider the biggest fucking ripoff. On top of all that, around here they charge FOUR FUCKING DOLLARS A DAY for tv.

Jeff Writes:

I knew this rant was coming, I just wasnt sure when.  Glad to see you’re back to your old cynical Libertarian self.   Really, its a good sign, you cranky old bastard.
These don’t even incluude what the doctor charges or the anestesiologist. The other misc >charges pushed my hospital bill alone to over 50K.
My 2 arthroscopic knee surgeries (in at 6 AM, walking out at 10 AM) cost over $10K each.  By comparison, you got a good deal.  You should see what they charge for an Ace bandage and a couple Tylenol.
So what’s going on here? this isn’t a government subsidized hospital with patients that dont pay >why are they price gouging? why are they charging 7K for drugs that could have been gotten at >any drugstore for under 500 bucks?
You’re subsidizing the overhead… including the malpractice insurance for situations where they fuck up a patient’s meds and almost kill him.  Hint hint.  Seriously, mention the words “attorney” and “malpractice” and see how fast they can say “settlement” and “Mr. South”.
And at these prices why can’t they get qualified nurses who care and are competent and dont >try to kill me?
Not to mention the sponge bath by the burly gay weightlifter.   That was free.  Next time dont let Adella pick your health care plan……
When is the first fishing trip?
– Jeff


If I Ever Go To The Hospital Again:

I’m going to start by getting a room at the Ritz and hiring a hooker every night. The service will be better, the hooker can give me a nice bath and take care of me even if I cant fuck and she will be prettier, nicer and probably more professional than the nurses were at Northside Hospital. And the best part, Ii will save moeny.

Next I’m going to hit the drug dealers on the street and get my dilaudid and my oxycodones, they will be a LOT cheaper.

Now this one is serious, if you have to be in the hospital I can NOT over emphasize the impoortance of having someone at the hospital with you 24/7. This person needs to be capable of helping you howevver you need it and most importantly they have to keep track of your meds and when you take them.

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TVShooter Writes:

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