Toad Writes:

I’d like some real up front answers or places to learn

more about the buisness of porn and not some snide

remarks!I live in florida… Is there some secret

course or book or what you need to be someones Brother!

Ya see the problem I have here …If I don’t tell em what they want to hear it’s a “snide remark”. As for the business of porn, it’s a lot like any other business in that we create a product and we sell it to a market, the difference is nowadays the entry level is low….VERY low.

But lets be serious.  Toad didn’t say at what level he wanted to enter the business, If you re looking to be a performer, you don’t have to be someone’s brother, you just have to fuck someone’s brother. You see most of the male talent these days are coming from gay porn. Personally I think this trend is at least partially responsible for the decline in market revenues the last few years. But Toad does live ifn FL so the opportunity is somewhat there for him, start knockin on doors at the companies that shoot in FL, there’s lots of them.

Now lets figure Toad would prefer to be behind the camera.  Start with photography classes, add film making and script writing. You see we have enough no talent hacks in this biz who don’t know how to shoot/edit/direct, most can’t even use a camera in manual mode and fewer still understand things like establishing shots and crossing the line. The cameramen shoot like spider monkeys on crack and the male talent think they are the stars. Yet people wonder why porn sucks these days.


Ok Toad there ya have it…One last thing thoughconsider a different name…we have more than enough “toads” in porn.

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Toad Writes:

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