There Really is No Place Like Home:

There Really is No Place Like Home:

Sunday morning at the extended stay hotel I tackled the stairs, I had no real problems with them so I knew it was time to go home. I had Ashley pack me up and she took me home. It’s hard to describe my feelings over the last two weeks. I feel like I have cheated death at least once and the lost time is very strange to me. They put me to sleep and they woke me up and 12 hours of my life are a total blank.

Not that I would want to remember them but they are gone, and during that time something was removed from my body that left to itself would have paralyzed me from the waist down, and it would have been sooner rather than later, I got it done pretty much just in time.

I thought about seeing if Dennis Hof wanted to buy it to offset my medical expenses, I mean I think it would make a fantastic bookend to Houstons Labia. Anyway I decided that prolly wasn’t gonna happen. So I let em do whatever it is they do with it. It was benign by they way but I pretty much knew that all along.

I dont want to go into the issues with the hospital or nothing right now…that will come later though. but you already know the gist of that anyway.

Theres a few people I owe a great deal to first of all is Victoria, few of y’all know her or know why she is first but believe me when I say without her I would never have had this surgery, she may not have saved my life, but she damn sure saved my quality of life, and for that I owe her a debt I can never repay, she proved herself to be unselfish and the best friend anyone could ever have. Don’t think she is a sugar momma or anything because she isn’t, It’s a long story, some of you know it but she made it possible for me to have insurance and had I not had insurance I’d never have been able to have this surgery so everything seemed to fall in place at the right time…call it good karma maybe. Thank You Victoria, So much.

Second is my friend Ashley, I have shot Ashley a few times and she became a fishing buddy


Ashley stayed with me almost 24/7 the whole time I was in the hospital, I think she only missed 2 nights and my little brother stayed those 2. Ashley Drove 2 hours each way from Columbus GA to stay with me too. Ashley was there by my side through the best and the absolute worst. When I couldn’t walk I had to pee in a pee bottle, I would wake Ashley at 4AM to empty my pee bottle, she never once complained even a little, she always asked how I was, the first night she stayed by my side all night, everytime I woke up I would see her and know I was, for the time OK. She emptied my pee bottles whenever I had to pee, she would rinse them out and bring it back to me. If I wanted anything to eat or drink she would go down to the cafeteria and get it for me, if I was in pain she would comfort me as best she could. When I finally walked she was as happy as I was. She stayed with me the night before I left, she stayed with me while I was in the extended stay, and when I came home today she is still with me till I am ready to be on my own, most likely tomorrow.

Now lots of you are prolly sayin to yourselves. damn dude this girl has a crush on you big time.

She doesn’t, our relationship isn’t like that, she is my friend and my fishing partner and she has a husband and two kids. Because of the nature of our relationship her husband knows I am a close friend (she says her best and I believe that even though I am not sure I am worthy) and he is OK with keeping the kids and putting them in daycare and all while she nurses me, I have deep respect for him for being so cool and so understanding about this. Without Ashley my recovery would NOT be where it is, not doubt about it. She waited on me hand and foot, she helped me to feel batter, she did things I couldnt do and she helped me to be able to do things I couldn’t do, she has been with me 24/7 since Wed and she has not one time been irritated even though Id wake up at all hours of the night with pain, and ask for her help, in the mornings she made me breakfast and in the evenings she helped me to shower. Friends like this are irreplaceable, If you have one, do yourself a favor and let them know how much they mean. I can never repay Ashley for the kindness she has shown me and the thing is she doesn’t expect me too. I love her more than she will ever know. God Bless her.

I have another friend who prolly doesn’t expect to be named here because he doesn’t know how much he means to me, he has fished with me a few times and we have worked together shooting scenes with me (him as crew and such). He is Frank. franks is a little hard to get close to, ya never really know where ya stand with Frank untill you understand him. He doesn’t express himself verbally really, he just does things. Franks spent many an afternoon and evening there at the hotel, cheering me up, checking on me and when I was ready for a decent dinner he brought in a sushi/sashimi dinner for me. Compared to what I had been eating, that was food for the Gods and he knew how much I like it and just did it outta the goodness of his heart. Frank you are a friend man and I love ya.

Scooter from Eyeonadult also showed in his actions he is my friend, he lives in North Carolina and admitted he was in Atlanta anyway he stopped in three days in a row to cheer me up, that was cool of ya dude.

They aren’t the only ones. These are the ones who went way out of their way. I got flowers and cards and emails from lots of you who wished me well, you all know who you are and I now know who my real friends are and I appreciate every damn one of ya!

I even got an email from an avowed enemy and I’m gonna put it here cuz it was so unexpected but it was also a decent thing to do.

From Kurt Lockwood:

Do you know the saying “I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy?”  Well, that applies.  We may have had our differences but my father lost a battle with something similar that you are going thru and quite frankly, “I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.”  Good luck.
Kurt Lockwood

p.s. Now you can post this and spin it that I’m gay somehow.

I accept those wishes in the spirit they were given, I have issues with recent occurences involving Kurt but I’m going to show him the respect of not soiling his warm wishes. It was a decent thing to do.

I’n gonna be allright now but I also owe thanks to my family. Many of you in the biz are estranged from your families, I am not, my mother, my father (though divorced for many years) my step mother my brother, my step brothers, nieces, nephews, my aunt Bonnie, my Uncle Bob, my aunt Susan they all came to see me and it’s nice of them considering some came as far away as Nashville TN just to visit me. It’s nice to have a family who stands by you even if they don’t personally agree with what ya do. If your family is like that, let em know you appreciate them letting you live your own life.

OK I guess that’s it for the sentimental stuff tomorrow is back to normal I reckon, I’m sure y’all are tired of it anyway.

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There Really is No Place Like Home:

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