The Goldigger Goes Nuts

I’d post a You Tube link but in order to do that I would have to haved listened in training. Slept through it. So for complete writing prep watched the Tricia Walsh Smith/ Tricia Smith Walsh Divorce vid-thingy.

Had a bunch of witty things to say, but they are SO obvious, I just can’t.

You marry a Rich Man TWENTY SIX YEARS older than you, you are his blonde prize, and you expect NORMALCY??

You signed a pre-nup and you expect …     what the hell DID you expect??

This is just ME! ME! Disgusting ME! I can’t get my head around it. It’s a waste of precious bandwidth to even try to humiliate you. And it’s not pronounced conDOM. It’s kondum,condom.. you sound, oh gawd i can’t go on…

Your existence is wasting MY time. I’m sitting in the lobby of a crummy Holiday Inn Express in Lexington SC and have devoted, wasted brain cells on you DAMNIT!


Never again.

I owe readership a profound apology. I think I’ll go stroll through a nice graveyard and get melancholy. That’ll, AT LEAST, get a comment outta this bunch.

(Have I worn out the Mom dies thing?)


Hey Mikey: can you update the free gallery? Something in a mature lingerie theme?  Worn out ol’ Naomi, forty miles to the nearest ABS and this place has a free beer happy hour.

Your Man in Atlanta

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The Goldigger Goes Nuts

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