The Bachelor Is A Disgrace To Men

OK I admit it, I only watched part of one episode and that was last night, the chick that was here insisted.

My first impression was OK this guy Ben  has a  countenance that indicates simian ancestry and a heritage rich in species diversity.  Then I actually heard him and I thought OK that’s an insult to simians, this guy is dumber than a day old puppy.

Apparently the chick he ended up choosing Courtney, is basically a manipulative bitch…cool  they will both be happy, he has no balls and she has enough for both of them.

My commentary throughout the show insured that I wasn’t getting laid….but hey at least I was honest…Real men tend to be like that….And for what its worth I did get laid this morning, I figure so did Courtney….Score one for us real men.

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The Bachelor Is A Disgrace To Men

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