The Adult Enetertainment Agency Trade Association Finds Back Against the Wall

With their backs against the wall today, thanks to my previous story the AEATA quickly put out a press release today to counter my story.  They announced their formation in a press release to AVN, who like lapdogs for Derek Hay, ran it with no mention of my breaking the story…come on guys that’s weak.

Even the lesser sites had the ethics to credit me with breaking the story.

It’s been all the buzz inPorn Valley today, heres some comments I got. (many on

DWB Writes:

“Hmmmmm… sort of sounds like that game… what was it called? Oh yea, Monopoly.

I wish them luck with all of that.

Good shit Mike.”

RedShoe Writes:

Well… so far in my time in this industry if there is one thing I’ve noticed is that we as a group can’t come together on shit.

I’ve heard of unions and associations before, none of it ever panned out.

However, that being said it sounds like those people want to start an adult mafia.”

Paul (A big content provider) Writes:

Won’t work long term. The moment girls stop getting work they start looking around for more.

Voodoo (Not the Nicole Sheridan hubby) Writes:

I propose that all studios and content producers form an alliance and decide to not book any talent coming from any agency known to engage in Talent Agent Associations.

Let’s call it “The Fuck You For Thinking About Biting the Hand That Feeds You Association” FYTABHTFYA in short.

Kevin Writes

A few of the stated goals were very reasonable, but there is also a huge concern about the monopolistic nature of the organization.

A reasonable idea if run by reasonable people. Not likely to succeed.

BMB Writes:

so what will be the plan for the agents that are dropping their prices in reaction to the work slowdown?

and if the agents plan to shut out the small players, how about some protection from out of town shooters for us content producers 

 Sinclair Writes

So “the five families” have a sit down. LOL

Seriously how many people in that room have taken at least a business 101 class. Oh wait they are too busy extorting the talent for free BJ’s or figuring out how to one up the other.

Comical to say the least.


FUJimmy Writes:

Mike thanks for the update, i’ve been shooting porn/glamour/nude for around 38 years and seen a lot of changes both in the Uk and USA, at the moment i’m getting e-mails from agencies pushing models at discount rates and I take advantage of that. If this conspiracy results in higher rates or other unfavorable terms i will just pay a scout to find more models and drop the agencies completely.

 JP Writes

Hmm not sure you got that right. I believe Shy has a Master in business.
Derek (= Ben from ladirect) has strong business ethics.
Joel (goldstar) has recently purchased east coast agencies.
Kevin is a breakout from LAdirect and so is Lisa Ann (both were purportedly tired of dealing with Derek).
This business is making millions, definitively these guys are all business savy.

I dont have a problem with this association as long as it is productive and not a money/greed union trying to drive the model rates higher and higher.
If they were really smart they would set up rules concerning models escorting and banning those models and punishing the agencies allowing such illegal activities.

 PornoDan Writes

If they truly plan on doing this I would not be surprised.

The agents and models are really feeling the effects of the slow down in production out here. Prices that models are getting is falling, as they well should be given the current state of our industry.

More and more models book them themselves on their own. Many of the models I know prefer to do this, and some producers view the agents as a necessary evil.

Agents are doing anything possible to try and get business; two of the agencies you listed have expanded their operations to the East Coast and Europe.

I would be very interested to see if this happens.

 Dirty Danza Writes

if were talking about a union I got some suggestions…

who the fuck tells these girls what their rates are? ive had girls come in and say well so and so paid me this so I want this ….

we need to band together and set some cheap prices.. and just stick to them… if were all paying cheap not to cheap but not LA rates.. then the girls have no choice to work more… see if a girl is getting 600 for a bj scene vs 300 thast half the work the whore will do.. half the dick she gotta suck… thats not right… you gotta remember these girls are very easily “molded” so when a director pays them 1500 for a normal b/g scene it fucks it for every other producer.. now I know you want to say well that just secures me to shoot her exclusive… fuck that… lets set rates here ill start

300 oral

500- b/g

800 – anal/ bg/ bbg/ gb/ dp/ you name it…. bottom line…

like journeyman in the union you top out at a certian scale well if we all have caps on our scales then everyone knows whats up…

id rather give 100 to the agent than the girl 100 more

 Peter Romero Writes (in response to sinclair)

Word. And… is this going to stop you and I from scouting our own talent and using them like I have for 15 years? There’s hardly any girls I got from an LA agent on – out of 225 of them. I do use agents, don’t get me wrong, but I will not behave according to anyone’s rules that came after me. I built this fucking ship with the longshormen of the industry 15 years ago. Myspace aint gonna obey any union rules and if you can spell a porn star’s name then you can find her or him and book them on myspace anyways.

I find talent – shoot them, and then send them home or send them to an agent. If they don’t want girls from me then I’ll just make more money shooting them myself and sending them home, or working them around to the Non-Union players. Anyone want any talent you can’t find all over the internet on everyone’s website??? I think I’ll start a REBEL agency for all the producers not in the UNION. Who wants a fresh one?

 and adds

For once we agree 100% on something.

This is my price list:

$$$ Between me and the girl – Hand Job or Blow Job depending on how bad I need the content or update and how slow the industry is. This price has nothing to do with how pretty the girl is – that should have already been established when you looked in the mirror and decided to be a model. You better be pretty and do a good job or the shoot is over and you get on the bus home.

$$$ Between me & the girl – Full Sex Scene. See above for terms and conditions. Don’t like it? I didn’t even ask you so why negotiate with me. I don’t care how great you think you are or actually are – I can go into ANY STRIP CLUB IN THE USA AND FIND A HOTTER GIRL TO DO IT FOR THIS PRICE. Take it or leave it I shoot every single day.

$100-$200 more for anal.

I was going to put my price above but that’s none of anyone’s business – the point is… that it’s my money and my fucking price and I shoot every single day. PERIOD. Don’t like it? Go tell your union agent to FORCE PEOPLE TO HIRE YOU!!! But, I’m no-one’s bitch boy.

 Marketsmart Writes

50% of the people here today wont be around by next summer…


Porno Dan writes

I can’t see all of the agents coming together and working on a project where they try and bait producers into hiring models “behind their back”.

Most of the girls who work for agencies have more loyalty to the producers, as we are the ones who pay them, than their own agents.

They are seriously underestimating the “me first” attitude of the models, there are very few models that would be willing to do this.

If any model tried to set up a producer I can assure you that the word would get out quick and she would be the one who ends up getting “black balled.”


Pornlaw writes

If you think you cant heard cats — think again. Its the talent agents that actually do. How do you guys think talent gets to the set on time, with the right clothing and with their IDs ?? Its usually an agent calling and reminding her. Obviously there are a fair percentage of performers that are responsible and do not need the babysitting approach, but without agents, there would be a lot of wasted time and money.

Hate them, love them. It doesnt matter. They are upstream from all the producers. Without talent, nothing gets done in this industry.


FU JImmy responds to pornlaw

Not sure how many models you have hired from agencies, but my experience over some 38 years is different. I’ve had models from agencies 3 hours late ( and the agency gets pissed because I send them back un-used ) I’ve had girls no show, turn up un-prepared . I’ve had them turn up with absolutely zero information about the shoot. Ive had them drive to the wrong address even though we supply detailed e-mails / maps and confirmation by phone.

Personally I like working with Derek, Type 9, Gold Star, Foxmodels. But I’m using less and less agency talent and more and more from scouts who know what models I need. I find I have less hassle this way and I get fresh faces before they saturate the market.



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The Adult Enetertainment Agency Trade Association Finds Back Against the Wall

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