Tampa Wasn’t The Same (Reader Mail)

Ike Writes:

South, man, where was your hillbilly ass?  That show just ain’t the same without my brother from another mother!

AR Writes:

Mikey I missed you why weren’t you here this year? The show was boring without you. OK I admit I didn’t even go but I just know it was, nobody gets the crowd going the way you do. I missed you baby!

Finally Dave writes:

Man what a fucking joke, what is it show up and win an award? Alexis Texas and Moxie Maddron beat out Kayden Kross and Stoya? yeah, whatever you say, I call bullshit. Whatever integrity these awards may once have had has gone away with you and the Digital Playground people apparently.

Well truth is I wasn’t invited this year and when I emailed and called the folks at Nightmoves they neve even told me where the hotel was or even responded so I figured I wasn’t wanted this year and made other plans.  I did miss you guys, Big Poppa Ike, Asian Rachael and all my other friends I usually see therre like Lexi LaMour and Lisa Sparxxx. Maybe next year.

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Tampa Wasn’t The Same (Reader Mail)

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