Sunny Lane and Sophia Lynn, Yen and Yang On Primetime:

Sunny Lane and Sophia Lynn, Yen and Yang On Primetime:

When will porners learn that there is no way a primetime television show is going to paint this business in a fair light. Primetime’s Outsiders wasn’t ten minutes into the show before they made the child pornography link, the lost soul link and the which one “escaped” link.

Sunny presentted herself and the business extraordinarily well, with her youthful exuberance and her enthusiasm and positive outlook it’s hard to see her as any sort of prisoner who needs to “escape” no matter how ABC tries to paint the picture. But that isn’t why “Outsiders” wanted Sunny, they wanted her because her parent’s help manage her career. That’s the hook for the audience, painting them as bad parents. I like Sunnys parents and I commend them for supporting their daughter, if it works for them who am I to judge?

The other girl they found was the perfect story for them, a sunday school teacher who reluctantly goes into porn and loses her “soul” but can’t get out because the money is so good blah blah. They did hit on the fact that she did drugs but they down played the amount and essentially blamed the industry for her “imprisonment”.

Because she blew off her obligations to her Company that contracted her, Adam and Eve, they considered this “escaping”. When Adam and Eve signed Sophia Lynn I actually questioned it. Sophia’s rep wasn’t verry good, but she was a really pretty girl. I know Adam and Eve’s interview process for a contract girl and they are very professional and thorough. In the end Adam and Eve handled the whole thing professionally and probably learned a little something in the process, no doubt signing her cost them a lot of money.

But lets get back to the show….around the middle they had footage being shot and some really stupid mother fucker injures the female talent in a “rough sex” scene, genius….whoever did that shit (director and male talent) should be booted from this biz FOREVER. Of course they won’t be.

The rough sex and “extreme” sex was a recurring theme in the show as well…sadly on this one, we are guilty as charged.

Has it occurred to anyone in this biz that the reason we are losing market share and companys like Adam and Eve and Digital Playground are doing better and better is because people are tired of the train wrecks? Has it dawned on any of these idiots maybe well shot, fun and sexy scenes are more erotic than trying to come up with new ways to degrade, injure or try to kill the girl?

In the end Sunny represented this biz better than anyone ever has on primetime television, kudos to her for that!

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Sunny Lane and Sophia Lynn, Yen and Yang On Primetime:

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