Props out to Shannon for the new logo!

Props out to Curious in Modesto for sending me some goodies including this gif. I am told it is Goddess taking out her wrath on Gene Ross for being a jackass.

Well so far this month nobody in porn has done anything really stupid, of course the day is young.

Quasarman, aka Mike McCormick writes on his site about Alec Metro bouncing checks to talent and he is right that is evil, low down and dispicable. He doesn’t mention that the company he [McCormick] works for has long been in the habit of bouncing checks to manufacturers, when they finally got around to paying at all, that is.

Now a word to Veronica Knight, whose lame assed site I will not publicize. Take me off your fucking site as someone you have shot with. You havn’t, and at this point you can bet your ass you WON’T, I don’t care if you agree to do an all anal and facial ganbang for fifty fucking cents. Don’t try to make a name off of me. I know you are trying to boost your rates as a feature by listing false credits and now so does the world.



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