Today wraps my music video shoot:

The last scene will be with Vanessa (from Cori Love’s Tighties) and fitness and magazine uber model Devon Michaels.

Random stuff:

Not much happening in the world of porn, word is that Max’s is trying to serve Robert Zacari aka Rob Black with a subpeona.

Goddess is still mad at me for some odd reason I am unaware of

Adella is mad at me for a reason I am well aware of.

Site memberships have slowed over the last couple of months…come on guys I got ten times the content and more exclusive girls than any ten sites combined….

Looks like the braintrust at Lukes old site decided against making it a paysite per se…now it just advertises all their affiliates…and the content sucks.

Luke’s new site appears to be gaining in popularity.

The East Coast Video Show starts in two weeks, don’t know yet if I am going, anyone wanna pay my expenses in exchange for coverage and photos?

To my friend Adella:

You know I love you madly! Samantha too…We all know it was Jewn’s fault…



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