Sometimes A story Writes Itself:

Sometimes A story Writes Itself:

I knew I had met Jennifer James but couldn’t place her. Today I got this email:

“Have you ever SEEN Jennifer James? Are you aware she’s a middle-aged, VERY plain tranny?  …. obviously a fervent admirer of the Lockwood Factor — & no doubt representative of his fan base’s demographic.

She only works once in a blue moon because her movies are the typical dumbass porn “feature” — she got into a spitting match on Gram’s site last year with Roy Karch over which one first had the AMAZING idea to do a rip-off of another movie six months after the movie came out … Clueless, simply clueless … As for this incident, she actively hectored Gram to come to her set, which makes her egotistical, nonsensical assertions such as Gram having the wicked “agenda” of “writing whatever he wants” all the more lip-smackingly asinine.


Son of a Bitch…..Now I know where I know her from.

Need I say more…Jennifer is a Tranny and insisted on using Lockwood in her movie, I couldn’t have written this one…

Heres a photo of Ms James: (from (jennifer is on the right)


And I love how she thinks 60K is a big budget…I have shot 4 minute music videos that had a bigger budget…what a moron…

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Sometimes A story Writes Itself:

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