Some Friends Remember Joe Christ

 Joe Christ


RIP Joe.

We got this sad news last night.
What we know so far is that his heart let him down in his sleep.

He’ll be missed for sure.
Always enjoyed listening to his stories about his crazy adventures.
He was even planning on beginning his own religion/movement here in The Phillies.
Sadly we’ll never know how that would have turned out.

I’ll forward this thread to people who I know night have some more info soon.


Sadly, this is true and as crazy and eccentric as we all thought he was, he was always a very nice guy.

RIP Joe!

Hollywood Chris

Sad to hear, I’ll never forget the CJ days with that guy. RIP

Madison Avenue

Real quick post as I’m on my way out the door to pick up the kids and go to PTA meeting. Fuck I’m all growed up.

Sadly I can confirm Joe’s passing. I spoke w/ his gf in Atlanta late last night. Joe passed away in his sleep. That’s all we know so far but I’ll post more as I hear more.

Joe, you WILL be missed!

Deecash Winston

 I agree with shey. Joe talked a lot but never talked badly about anyone. Thats Joe.

Will miss his crazy stories for sure. RIP buddy.


Joe was a current employee of mine. I just deposited his check, walked home to my computer and saw what happened. What a shocker.

Appropriate that the last time we hung out was on Good Friday, in Pampanga.

Funny, I didn’t take any pics of Joe because well, there was just too much other interesting stuff to photograph.…gaPhilippines#

Great guy who would talk your ear off!

RIP Friend.

From this site on Oct 2 2002

“When the best part of Rob Black was running down his mommies leg, when Thomas Zupko was getting his knuckles rapped by nuns with wooden rulers, when Gene Ross actually had hair that didn’t snap in place and when Tom Byron was sucking the cocks of guys with tits, Joe Christ was making movies that REALLY shocked people.

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Some Friends Remember Joe Christ

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