Open letter to John T Bone:

TVShooter Writes:

Open letter to John T Bone:
To get released from Thai jail,ask to speak to the American ambassador.When he arrives,tell him you are the person that killed Jon Benet Ramsey.You will immediately receive a first class ticket,all expenses paid to the United States.
Don’t forget to enjoy some of that free first class champagne on the flight home.It’s great!Also,if you’ve any diet restrictions,you should pre order your inflight meal.
It’s a long flight,so wear comfortable clothes and drink lots of water.Also,don’t forget to look at the cameras and media that will undoubtably be crammed into the seats around you.After all,the circus is great entertainment between naps and the movie.
Hope these tips help,
Your Buddy
John Mark Carr


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Open letter to John T Bone:

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